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Datong Transportation

Datong locates at the crossing of the Jingbao Railroad and Tongpu Railroad which are the line electrification wraped, connects with the international line, at the same time, it is the beginning of the Daqin Railroad which is from Datong to Qinghuangdao and is the first unit railroad in China. Jingyuan Railroad passes the Lingqiu Country which is in the southeast of the downtown. The railroads in Datong are mainly used for carrying coal, Kouquan Train Station is the biggest station of the freight transportation of whole road to pack, Datong Station is one of 38 main plaiting sets stations. The mileage of the railroad operation of the whole city is 1100 kilometers, the mileage of highway openned to traffic is 2882 kilometers. In 1996, the amount of freight transportation of railroad completed 110,450,000 tons, the amount of passenger transportation completed 6,971,000 people; the amount of freight transportation of highway completed 55,260,000 tons, the passenger transportation measured 1,097,000 people. The whole city became the transportation network that the countries and villages were opened to traffic. The civil aviations can lead to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou etc.

External traffic

The railroad communication in Daton is more perfect. The railroads for carrying coal have four greatest railroads which are Jingbao Railroad, Daqing Railroad, Beitongpu Railroad and Jingyuan Railroad. There are trains in Datong to Beijing, Taiyuan, Xian, Yinchuan, Shijiazhuang, Baotou, Shenyang etc. The train station of Datong locates in the north of the downtown, you can get it by bus of No.2, No.4, No.8, No.14 and No.15.

Road: Currently, Jingda Freeway which is from Datong to Beijing is been built, a sect of it in Shanxi has been finished; there is freeway from Datong to near Taijiaping. The main highways which pass Datong are Dayun Highway, Datang Highway, Dahuai Highway, Dalai Highway, Dayang Highway etc. There are long distance buses in the bus station of Datong to Tanyuan, Xuanhua, Suzhou etc. The long distance bus station is at the front of the train station of Datong, you can get it by bus of No.2, No.4, No.8 etc.

Transportation of the city

Bus: There are direct buses in long distance bus station to Yungang Stone Cave, Heng Mountain etc.

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