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The Biggest Yardang LandformGroup in the world

Famous for its world-acclaimed art treasury -- the Mogao Grottoes, the weathered frontier fortress, Yumen Pass , and the marvelous desert spectacle, Whistling Sand Mountain and Cresent Moon Spring -- Dunhuang is also endowed with the miraculous and magnificent Yadan landscapes.

"Yadan," which refers to a precipitous hillock in the Uygur language, is a kind of wind-eroded landform. Yadan landforms rise above the flat Gobi Desert, covering a vast area.  Due to its eccentric landforms, the hard-to-spot roads, low-lying terrain, strong magnetism and howling sounds made by the wind, the area is also called "Ghost City" by local people.

Yadan landforms, or Dunhuang Ghost City, is 85 km from the West Yumen Pass, extending 25 km from east to west and 1-2 km from north to south. Yadan extends far beyond what is written in textbooks and is a rarity around the world in terms of the scale and configuration.

In geological terms, a "ghost city" is referred to as wind-eroded landforms or Yadan landforms. Triassic, Jurassic and cretaceous sedimentary rocks are washed by rainwater and eroded by wind, and, as time goes by, such dazzling landforms are created. The formation process of the Yadan landforms took 300,000-700,000 years and ranks first in the world in terms of history and content

The buildings located in Ghost City are varied, ranging from 4-5 meters, to more than 20 meters in height, and from dozens of meters to hundreds of meters in length and width, to look like a mediaeval castle. The styles of the buildings inside are elegant and unconventional. There are city walls, streets, multi-storied buildings, squares and sculptures in the castle, all arranged in a picturesque disorder.

On the outskirts of the town, the buildings are sparsely distributed. Inside, however, one can see sand hills scattered randomly in different shapes, some resembling ivory towers, while others look like hay stacks.

Ghost City is divided into southern and northern districts, with every scenic spot within looking magnificent. Many world-famous buildings have their roots in this town, such as the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China, the Potala Palace in Tibet, the Arab Mosque and the pyramids in Egypt. Being in Ghost City is like visiting a magnificent museum of architecture.

This unique site has drawn attention from the film industry: Many famous films such as Hero and Legend of the Touch were shot here.

The Dunhuang Yardang National Geologic Park,(Ghost City" ) situated 180km in the northwest away from Dunhuang City, is the largest one of that kind of Yardang Landform found so far. With the largest scale, it is the most mature in geologic configuration and having the highest value for enjoying, this scenic zone is divided into two parts-the northern and the southern, extending for 25km's long and 18km's wide. It features the unique and wonderful scenes and landscapes of gobi-desert. The most maganificent view is that you can find the“miniature”for many world-famous architectures such as the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, the Potala Palace in Tibet, the Arabian mosque, the pyramid and Sphinx in Egypt, the relics of ancient Roman, the beacon towers and so on. It seems as an architectural art museum of the world and delivers many attractions and enjoyments to you.  After the shooting of the movie named“Hero ”here, the spactacular views in this“Town of Demons”have attracted thousands of visitors,and now it has been an another hot scenic spot in Dunhuang.

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