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Sanjiang Dong Autonomous county

SanJiang Dong autonomous county is in the north of GuangXi, at the border of Guangxi, HuNan and GuiZhou provinces. The population in SanJiang is three hundred and sixty thousand, most of which are Dong, Miao, Yao, Zhuang and Han peoples. The population of the Dong is two hundred and ten thousand in SanJiang.
  SanJiang is known for its widely varied and colorful ancient culture, with is 111 Wind and Rain Bridges and 179 Drum-Towers is called the home of Chinese national architecture. ChengYang Wind and Rain Bridges and MaPang Drun-Tower are the most famous. It is also known for its many monority festivals and as the birthpalce of Dong artistic cultrue. The traditional Dong songs, with their distinctive style, are well-known even outside of China. For these reasons, SanJiang is the best place to learn about the Dong minority people. The surrounding mountains are pristine and the river are very clean.
  ChengYang village is located in the northern part of SanJiang county. From the city of SanJiang to ChengYang village is only 19 km.ChengYang is made up of eight small villages called MaAn, PingTan, PingZhai, YanZhai, DaZhai, DongZai, JiChang and PingPu. In this area there are 2197 families, that make their home in these eight villages(about 10,000 people). there are eight Drun-Towers and five Wind and Rain Bridges including the ChengYang Bridge which is well-known even outside of Asia. These villages represent the traditional Dong style.
  During your visit to ChengYang you will be able to enjoy many Wind and Rain Bridges, Drum-Towers, traditional wooden houses,rice fields, bamboo water wheels, willage cultural shows, visit a traditional Dong home and carpenter's family, savor local dishes, and learn about the ancient costoms of the Dong people.