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Gui lin Attraction

Gulin lies in the northeast part of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It covers an area of 27800 square kilometers with the population of 4.94 million. It is one important tourist city in China. Gulin is famous for the green hills, clear rivers, fantastic caves, and spectacular rocks. Gulin is claimed to have the most beautiful mountains and waters.

Top 10 Attractions
These are highly recommended for you to have a visit.
They are the typical symbolization in Guilin!

 Yang Shuo West Street  
      Yangshuo Sightseeing List Yangshuo is one of the most famous tourist destinations of China. It boasts breath-taking natural sceneries, mysterious ancient local dwelling houses and an insight into a diverse range of cultures. There are several areas offering different forms of ---

Diecai Hill One of the most beautiful hills in Guilin, Diecai Hill gives a visual feast of amazing scenery with fantastic stone carvings, pretty water, pavilions and caves

Lijiang River Take the 4 and a half hour Li River cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo and pass by a stunning array of Karst mountains. You can also take the two hour boat trip from Xinping to Yangdi which is said to be the most beautiful stretch of the Li River.  Elephant Hill
A symbolic attraction in Guilin, the hill is very like a giant elephant drinking water from the river with its trunk.
 Reed Flute Cave This water-eroded cave is a splendid world of various stalactites, stone pillars and rock formations created by carbonate deposition.

Solitary Beauty Peak At an elevation of 216 meters (about 709 feet), this peak enjoys the reputation of being the 'Sky-Supporting Pillar in the South'.

 YuLong River Tourists will be greatly impressed by the simple rural life here, including the old men fishing in the river, flocks of ducks swimming in ponds and smoke spiraling up from chimneys.

Longsheng terraced fieldsLongsheng county in northeastern Guangxi province was the earliest county to be established in southern China.
 Daxu Ancient Town Daxu is a time-honored town with well preserved traditional Chinese architectures and the time-worn shiny stone-paved streets. Seven Star Park Seven Star Park Seven Star Park is one of the best urban parks in China. The park is in the east bank of Lijiang, the largest park in Guilin with the theme of rock caves.

Sights along Li River

Li River – A Mile-long Natural Gallery and Li River Cruise

Elephant Hill                   Rooster Fighting
Pagoda Hill                     Forest of Odd Shaped Peaks
Daxu Ancient Town          Ox Gorge
Li River --Wangfu rock    Crown Cave
Half-Side Ferry                 Yangdi Village
Horses Galloping on Fresco Hill 
Yellow Cloth Beach       Xingping Landscape
Snail Hill            Green Lotus Peak (Bilian Peak)                             Shutong Hill (Shutong Hill)

Sights in Guilin City Areas


 Fubo Hill  Tombs of Prince Jingjiang  Ling Canal
 Zhengyang Pedestrian Street  Two Rivers and Four  Guilin Yuzi Paradise
 Yuzi Sculpture Park  Gudong Waterfalls  Jiuwu Jiangtou Ancient Village 

Guilin Popular Activities                     More

 Li River Cruise   4h. A popular activity for travellers. The boats are frequent and easily organised by any hotel in Guilin. Most tourists will go from Guilin to Yangshuo (a very picturesque smaller town downstream of Guilin). The river winds through some truly spectacular limestone formations and a slow boat trip there and back (with a stop in Yangshuo) will take a whole day. 

Cormorant Fishing
  Cormorant fishing was once a main method for the fishmen to catch fish on the Li River. It has become recreational life local people,watching the local fisherman stangding with his well trained cormorants on the traditional bamboo raft with lanterns, you will see the released cormorants

 Li River Trekking 
 Guilin is the top tourist destination for any China tour,Li River in Guilin is honored to be the most beautiful gallery of the world, and its Cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo is the centerpiece of any trip to Guilin. The Trekking section is from Yangdi to Xingping, 

Impression on Sanjie Liu
Impression Sanjie Liu is a major production with a cast of 500 singers, dancers, bamboo boats and cormorants bids. However, the stand out performer is definitely the background scenery. The lighting of the karst peaks is truly amazing and was our highlight.

Popular Attractions In Longsheng                   More

Pingan village

Huangluo Yao village

Longsheng terraced fields

Jinzhu Zhuang Villag   

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