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   Li River Attractions

This Li River Cruise is a “must” see! Leaving the dock, about 15 boats (doubledeck) meandering slowly in the shallow channels and seeing the wonders of nature transform before you eyes is “magnifico!” Along this narrow passageway you can see mountains with different names and characters that tell a simple story. You need at least a guide or a brochure that explains these scenery. Lunch is cooked aboard the boat and it is a buffet that is tasty and good for what you pay

   The Lijiang River rises from the Maoer Mountains northeast of Guilin. Winding its way through Guilin and Yangshuo down into the Xijiang River in Wuzhou, its course oof 437 kilometers is flanked by green hills and beautiful scenery. A river cruise (83 kilometers) between Guilin andYangshuo offers you a rare opportunity to enjoy the most magnificent scenery in China. Special attractions along the river cruise are the Elephant Trunk Hill, Tunnel Hill, Pagoda Hill, Crown Hill, Yellow Cloth Hill, Nine-Horse Mural Hill, Embroidery Hill, and Green Lotus Peak. Traveling at different times and in different weather conditions offers kaleidoscopic views. The river cruise makes one feel as if traveling in front of a huge traditional Chinese landscape painting. The Lijiang River cruise is a must for every tourist in Guilin.Map of Li River      Map of Yangshuo County

Li River is 160 kilometers long, and can be divided into 3 scenic spots.
The first section is from downtown Guilin to the Ox Gorge. It offers towns, villages and pastoral scenes and a good place to appreciate the fantastic mountains and waters. Moreover there are various attractions in the section, such as the Elephant Trunk Hill, Pagoda Hill, Forest of Odd-Shaped Peaks, Duxu Ancient Town, and the Ox Gorge.

The second section is from the Ox Gorge to the Water-Dropping Village. Various rocky mountains flank the river. The main attractions are Wangfu Rock, Crown Cave, Half-side Ferry, Mural Hill and the Xingping Landscape.

In the third section, which goes from the Water-Dropping Village to Yangshuo, many beautiful types of scenery are in wait. Here the Li River fully displays its verdant mountains, fragrant waters, spectacular caves and exquisite stones.

Whether in modern or ancient times, both in China and overseas, many writers and poets have written a large number of articles or poems in praise of Li River. It is a worthy place to visit to enjoy the natural scenery and have a memorable experience.

The first section: Guilin-Ox Gorge

Elephant Hill
Rooster Fighting
Pagoda Hill
Jingping Hill
Forest of Odd Shaped Peaks
Daxu Ancient Town
Millstone Hill
Ox Gorge

The second section: Ox Gorge-Water-Dropping Village
Li River --Wangfu rock
Crown Cave
Embroidery Hill
Half-Side Ferry
Yangdi Village
Wave-Stone View
Horses Galloping on Fresco Hill
Yellow Cloth Beach
Xingping Landscape

The third section: Water-Dropping Village-Yangshuo

Snail Hill
Green Lotus Peak (Bilian Peak)
Shutong Hill (Shutong Hill)
Snow Lion Ridge (Xueshi Ridge


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