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Yangshuo  Attraction

Yangshuo can only be described as the perfect back-packers destination.  65 kilometers from Guilin, in Chinas' Guangxi Province, this small town is the ideal place for traveling or relaxation.  With so many natural karsts surrounding by the beautiful rivers, Yangshuo offers something for everyone.  Map of Yangshuo County

Visit the mountains and go rock climbing or cave traversing by raft.  The Guilin mud bath cave is a big hit amongst the travelers.

See the fishing villages that dot the river side. Take the ferry from Guilin to Yangshuo.  Or even do some river rafting in the small rapids or drift past Yangshuo on bamboo rafts.

Hike/bike through the country side.  From village to village on foot is a great way to spend the day and see the new and old Yangshuo and surrounding areas.  Bikes are readily available for hire.

West Street is known as 'the global village'.  With the perfect blend of Chinese and foreign businesses, this place is well accustomed to foreign travelers and permanent residents from all over the world, who will happily sit with you and share their own stories and adventures.

Market places are located in every major village around Yangshuo and work on rotation. If you are here long enough, you can experience the different towns and get a bargain at these fairs.

Yangshuo  Sightseeing List :

        • YuLong River

          Tourists will be greatly impressed by the simple rural life here, including the old men fishing in the river, flocks of ducks swimming in ponds and smoke spiraling up from chimneys.

        •  West Street( Xi Jie) 
           Also known as Xi Jie,As the oldest street in Yangshuo,  this famous street runs through the heart of the town from the Li River. It's lined with traditional buildings housing shops

        • Moon Hill

          It is the symbol of the area and is a popular place to cycle to and climb. Over 800 steps lead to a fantastic view of the karst mountain landscape from the top. 
           Xingping Landscape
          Located 27 km from Yangshuo, in the eastern bank of the Li River, Xingping is an ancient town with a history of more than 1300 years. Apart from the well preserved Read More >>

                    • Butterfly Spring Park

                      In the park, there is a spring, a grotto with many stalactites of different shapes, a garden for viewing butterflies and waterfalls on Butterfly Hill.Read More >>

                    • Lijia
                      ng River

                      Take the 4 and a half hour Li River cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo and pass by a stunning array of Karst mountains. You can also take the two hour boat trip from Xinping to Yangdi which is said to be the most beautiful stretch of the Li River. Read More >>

                    • Impression on Sanjie Liu

                      It is really a new concept of opera utilizing natural environment as an integral part of its performers; this theater uses Li River as its stage, 12 mist hills and the heavens as its setting..Read More >> 

                    • Yangshuo Big Banyan Tree Scenic Spot

                      Over one thousand years old and often a popular attraction for tourists also on their way to Moon Hill. The tree lies near the Yulong River in a scenic location.Read More >> 


                    • Fuli Town

                      The town is famous for manufacturing fans and also a popular destination for cyclists. It's over 800 years old and situated in a scenic spot next to the Li River.. Read More >>
                      Yangdi Village
                       Yangdi is a an old village situated in a beautiful location next to the Li River. It is popular among photographers and hikers in particular. Both often follow the hiking trail and take river cruises between Xingping and Yangdi.Read More >>

                    • Green Lotus Peak

                      Green Lotus Peak is the most well-known hill in Yangshuo and is very popular among visitors because of the great views from the top. Pictures of this peak can often be viewed in famous photographs of the area. Read More >>

                    • Sanjie Liu Above-water Park 
                      This park offers compelling natural view of green mountains, crystal waters, lush bamboos as well as cultural experiences of antiphonal singing and ethnic marriage customs of Zhuang.Read More >>



                                                                              • Lotus Cave

                                                                                Lotus Cave, located three kilometers (1.9 miles) northeast of Xingping Town in Yangshuo, is praised profusely for its stunning Karst cave landscape, especially the 108 cave lotuses, a remarkable spectacle highly recommended by travelers from home and abroad. Read More >>

                                                                              • Assembling Dragon Cave

                                                                                Regarded as an unparalleled masterpiece of nature, the Assembling Dragon (Julong) Cave is a pearl among numerous sightseeing destinations in Yangshuo due to its delicate rocks, crystal-clear water and mysterious caves Read More >>

                                                                              • Longmen Water Cave
                                                                                 Longmen Water Cave was a recently opened sights, in Longmen vilige, 3km from Moon Hill. It is the largest and one of the most exciting natural caves to explore in Yangshuo

                                                                              • Gudong Waterfalls

                                                                                Gudong Waterfall Tourist Area is the largest forest park in Guilin as well as the forest park nearest to Guilin city. It is famous for its unique waterfall: Gudong Waterfall  It is not common to see visitors climb waterfalls in China.
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                                                                               Yangshuo Tour Guides

                                                                              Li River Cruise 
                                                                               Li River cruises usually start in the morning from Guilin and arrive at Yangshuo after lunch. The entire journey lasts about four hours.   Read More >>

                                                                               Yangshuo is an ideal place for moderate hiking or cycling excursions, around the countryside you will pass rice paddies and limestone peaks. 

                                                                              Yangshuo Hot Air Ballooning
                                                                               Hot Air Balloon Fly in Yangshuo is certainly an unforgettable and unique experience of your tour in Guilin.  Read More >>

                                                                              Chinese Cooking Class    
                                                                               It’s one precious chance for you to learn how to cook chinese food in the traditional farmhouse in Yangshuo Cooking School. 

                                                                               Bamboo Rafting on Yulong River
                                                                                is a beautiful river in the countryside of Yangshuo. It winds its way in a picturesque valley sided by stunning limestone hills.
                                                                              Cave Exploring 
                                                                              Our Guilin and Yangshuo guide provides all the information you will need to explore an area widely regarded as one of the gems of all of Asia. It's a must see for anyone wanting to travel China   
                                                                              Kayaking in Yangshuo 
                                                                              Kayaking along the picturesque Li River (Lijiang River) could be both relaxing and exciting. The kayak trip is from Fuli to Liugong or to Puyi.     Read More >>

                                                                              Rock Climbing in Yangshuo
                                                                               With Moon Hill, The White Mountain and 30 other crags, Yangshuo is one of the most important and interesting areas for rock climbing in China.
                                                                              ReadMore   >>     

                                                                              Tai Chi And Kung Fu
                                                                               Li River cruises usually start in the morning from Guilin and arrive at Yangshuo after lunch. The entire journey lasts about four hours.   Read More >>

                                                                              Cormorant Fishing
                                                                                Cormorant fishing was once a main method for the fishmen to catch fish on the Li River. It has become recreational life local people, Read More >>


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