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                      Qingxiushan Mountain in nan ning

  Qingxiushan Mountain is 5 kilometers to the southeast of Nanning. The mountain has a reputation of clear waters and fresh air.

The mountain was once the site of White Cloud Temple in Song Dynasty and Dragon & Elephant Pagoda in Ming Dynasty. However, both were destroyed later. In 1985, Nanning municipal government invested to reconstruct some 20 attractions on the mountain, including Tianchi Lake Resort, Dragon & Elephant Pagoda, Dong Spring, Phoenix Pagoda, Water & Moon Convent, and Corridor of Steles. In 1997, additional attractions were opened around Qingxiushan Mountain, Such as Thailand Garden, Palm Trees Garden and Fragrant Flowers Garden. The Tropical Fern Garden, opened in 1998, ranks the first in the country with 60,000 cycads.

The freshness and green of the mountain attracts numerous visitors each year.