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Damingshan Mountain in nanning


Damingshan Mountain is also located in Wuming County, Some 104 kilometers from Nanning. The numerous peaks of the mountain have an average elevation of 1,200 meters, with the highest peak climbing some 1,760 meters above the sea level.
Blessed with the reputation of "Lushan Mountain in Guangxi", the weather is cool with an annual average temperature of 21 centigrade degrees, making the mountain an ideal place for summer holidays.
The mountain has ample plant and animal resources and is home to such rare animals as black monkeys, serous, paguma larvas, white pheasant, golden cat, and pangolins. The mountain is ranked as the first-class nature reserve under local government protection.
Amid the deep mountains shrouded by dense forests, the scenery offers many attractions, such as gazing at mountaintops, wandering deep and secluded valleys and along steep cliffs, and bathing below high waterfalls.