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Bajiaozhai in Zijiang

Ziyuan County is 108 km from Guilin city. Originated at the Cat Hill, Zijiang River runs 83 km from north to south through the county with a riverbed about 100-meter wide and a drop in elevation of 1,423 meters. Zijiang River Drifting Area stretches 22.5km with 59 fabulous scenic spots of precipitous cliffs, towering peaks and oddly shaped rocks along the riverbanks. The symbolic spots are "Two Lions Welcoming Guests", "A Stone in Sail's Shape", "A Holy Elephant Drinking Water", "Langtian Stalactitie", "Chenxiang Village" And "Yi Xian Tian". Reputed as the natural corridor of river and mountain, the zigzagging river has 31 curves and 46 beaches.
814 meters above sea level, Yuntai Mountain, the main peak of the Bajiaozhai, is 300 meters higher than Zijiang Valley. 75-meter long from north to south and 45-meter wide from east to west, the top of the peak covers 3,375 square meters. High in the clouds, the towering peak looks like the head and the tail of a dragon. The 7 peaks around look like horns of beasts. Hence the name of Bajiaozhai (Eight-horned Village). Zijiang and Bajiaozhai are in typical red sandstone formation which has become a national forest park..