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Confucian Temple and Wu Temple in Gongcheng County

Gongcheng Yao Nationality Autonomous County is 108km away from Guilin. Folkways are simple and unsophisticated here and the county boasts many relics, such as the Confucian Temple and Wu Temple built in Ming Dynasty, Zhouwei Memorial Temple and Hunan People's Club. The Traditional art performances are still staged in Wu Temple, which is deeply loved by tourists.
Confucian Temple is located in the west at the Chengbei Range. It is a sacred place to memorize Confucius, a famous litterateur and great thinker in ancient times. The temple covers a total area of 3,600 square meters with 1,300 square meters construction coverage. Also known as the Mini Qufu in South China, it is the largest and best-preserved palace building erected in Ming Dynasty. It was started to build in 1410, the 8th year of Emperor Yongle in Ming Dynasty. Situated in the north and facing south, the temple is carefully constructed with Cha River flowing in front and exuberant pine trees and cypress at back. It is a best place according to Chinese Fengshui.
Also known as Guan Di Temple, Wu Temple is the temple for Guanyu, who was worshipped as the Sage of Martial Art. Covering 2,130 square meters, it was constructed in 1603 during the reign of Emperor Wanli in Ming Dynasty. With stage for operas, pavilions, gates, front hall, back hall and side halls, Wu Temple is to the west of the Confucian Temple. The two temples constitute the unique views of ancient buildings in Gongcheng.