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Rongjin Ancient Banyan Forest in Pingle County

120 km away from Guilin and 30 km from Pingle County, the ancient Banyan forest is located in Rongjin Village. The ancient Banyan forest is on the way to stone forests and hot spring. The forest is made up by ten 1,000-year-old Banyan trees. 4 of which are at the end of the street in Rongjin Village, among which 2 of them stand together with entangled branches forming a 5-meter-high arch. Covering over 1,000sqm, the biggest Banyan is 18-meter thick and 21-meter high. The Rong River and Jin River are Gojing through the Banyan forest. With 9 ancient wells and 13 ancient ponds, the Rongjin Village owns the tourist sources with ancient flavor.