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Heaven of Peace and Happiness Scenic Zone

Paradise of Peace and Happiness Scenic Zone is located at side of the Guiyang Highway, 39 km south away from Guilin and 15 km north away from Yangshuo. This zone demonstrates, among the natural beauty of lakes and mountains, the architecture, culture, folk customs and features of Guangxi minorities. It is a tourist attraction integrated with simple and beautiful garden scenes. Villages and tribes of the four minorities of Zhuang, Dong, Miao and Yao are beautiful and pleasant. The micro scene demonstrated in the scenic zone presents original physiognomy in a pot to the life, which makes you feel yourself in the real environment. In Liusan Sister's hometown, there are Zhuang families' dikes under the ancient banyan trees. People sing for word. In front of the Embroidered Ball Pavilion, colored balls are flying here and there in great happiness. The group of totems towering aloft is the crystallization of those ancient nationalities. On the All-in-one Street of Folk Traditional handicraft of the River Village, you can appreciate the ancient handicraft air.
The 9-turn Swallow Lake looks like a bright mirror. There are ridges and peaks in dense green, deep ponds with green waves, wonder world of karst caves, rugged stones on unearthliness and weeping willows and lotus seedpods. When you are there, you can feel like that you were staying at the Xihu Lake, where there are beautiful scenes and flying waterwheel. The Fengyu Bridge in Tong's village look like a dragon silently sleeping on the surface of the lake. The Drum-Tower rises up, competing with the mountains around for beauty. Water and sky melt into one! Melodious music of Lusheng (a reed-pipe wind instrument), celebrating songs and dances, unsophisticated folk songs, fisherfolks' work song, you can appreciate down in your heart all of these on boat, accompanied by colorfully dressed Zhuang's and Tong's girls who are good at singing and dancing. If you go further into the scenic zone, you can see another world. The ancient primitive tribes may give you a feeling of being in ancient times. The villa is serene and there are peach forests everywhere on the mountains. It may make you feel as if you were arriving in the paradise of peace and happiness, described in "Source of Peach Flower" written by Tao Yuanming, where you can stand aloof from the worldly affairs.
In the romantic legend, in the place with peach flowers in full blossom, lie almost all the dreams of Chinese people.
Legend remains on paper.
However, in Guilin, China, along the road of osmanthus trees to Yangshuo, there is a place, more beautiful and more real than "Source of Peach Flower"-the Paradise of Peace and Happiness.
Here are smoky rains, green grass all over the mountainous land, wild flowers, karst caves, wooden buildings, the Fengyu Bridge yearning toward the noble quality of a nation and the folk songs flowing through the green bamboo forests.
All the pleasure and all the hardships can find their destinations here. The maternal Paradise of Peace and Happiness was just like Guilin's daughter leaving home many years ago, and now she is back home and grown up to a beautiful young girl.
This is a supernatural land.
This is a place full of fascination.
There are mountains, caves, little bridges, streams and houses.
Folk customs and feelings pleasing both the eyes and the mind
And unbroken love ties