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Xing'an Ling Canal

The masterpiece of ancient works in China and one of the ancient man-made canals in the world, the canal is in Xing'an county, and 60 km from Guilin City. In 221BC, Ying zheng of Qin Dynasty annexed the six ducal states. For consolidating imperial power, Shi Huang (the emperor) attacked Lingnan with an army of 500,000. Due to the rugged paths and insufficient army provisions, Lingnan could not been captured for a long time, and therefore, Emperor Qin ordered General Shi Lu to build Ling Canal for shipping provision. Shi Lu headed soldiers working for 4 years and finished building Ling Canal in 214 BC. Ling Canal had significantly contributed in defending national unity, promoting the economical and cultural exchanges between Central China and Lingnan districts. Consisting of Huazui, Large and Small Balances, South and North Canal, Qin Dam, Xieshui Balance, and Doumen, the Ling Canal connects Xiang River and Li River, consequently the connection of Yangtse River System and the Zhu River System. Qin Dam is located between Nan Canal and the former watercourse of the Xiang River with a height of 2-7 meters, a width 4.5 meters, and a length 3,15 km. Along the dam there are two rows of ancient trees, Wanli Bridge, Feilai Stone, the Three Generals Tomb, Sujia Bridge, Sixian Memorial Temple, Nandou Pavilion, etc. all of these are famous scenery spots.