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Banyan Lake and Fir Lake

Banyan Lake and Fir Lake are located in the center of Guilin, and Banyan Lake is west and Fir Lake is east with the Yang Bridge as the boundary. The Banyan Lake surface is so smooth that it looks like a mirror shining the ancient city. It charms visitors with its calm character in the noisy environment of the downtown. To the north of the lake is ancient banyans and Banyan Shadow pavilion where it is said that the reduced Song Dynasty poet Huang Ting Jian had his boat tied here. The ancient South Gate was established in Tang Dynasty. Fir Lake is neighboring Li River in the east and is depending on Elephant Hill in the south. There is a group of mushrooming pavilions with clear water reflection. Many cottages were built around the two lakes by many celebrities since the Ming and Qing dynasties. Nowadays, around the two lakes are many structures including hotels, stores, theaters, library and other tourist buildings. Thus the hills and waters form the best attraction for tourists.