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Biasha Miao Village
Basha is a very special and old Miao Ethnic village. The villagers still practice their unique traditions dating to Qing Dynasty( about 2200 years ago).
Basha village is very little touched by violent modernization. Residents there still live a their wooden houses, practise centuries-long custom and have their own unique belief.
On important occasions or some traditional festivals, villages usually burn incense under big ancient tress to pray for heath, happiness. Basha people have developped a special feeling with ancient trees, which have been protected as carriers of ancestor's spirits fro generations.
Basha is a place where ancient culture is most completely protected, and this group is quite different from other Miao groups in terms of clothing and daily life.
Basha people dress like ancient warriors, wearing guns and knives everyday. They made their unique clothes themselves in the village. Their hair is mostly shaved except in the middle, where it is twisted and knotted.
Basha is a relative big village with 2.140 residents but rarely do them connect with the outside world. They live in their community and lead a self-sufficient life in the mountainous areas.