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Guilin Cuisine       

Guilin is famous for its exotic dishes and the sight of dogs, birds, turtles, snakes and other weird and wonderful animals in their cages is not unusual here!

Guilin is not only widely regarded as the most beautiful place under heaven, but is also a world of delicacies. The local Guilin food enjoys universal praise-- especially the local snacks. Guilin Rice Noodle (Mifen) is the most famous snack in Guilin and is pliable but strong, fragrant and mellow. Oil-tea (You Cha) is another popular local delicacy. The drinking of Oil-tea is a commonplace activity among Guilin locals.

Guilin's unique cuisine is a combination of both Hunan and Cantonese cuisine. As a result, its signature flavour is a balance between sweet and spicy. Representative and highly recommended dishes include Lipu Taro Looped Meet (lipu yutou kou rou), Steamed Mandarin Fish from the Li River (qingzheng lijiang yu), Gingo Stewed with Old Duck (baiguo dun laoya) and Yangshuo Beer Fish (Yangshuo pijiu yu).

In recent years, with the development of the tourism industry, Sichuan, Cantonese, Huaiyang, Chaozhou and north-western cuisines as well as authentic western food are all easily obtainable in Guilin, thereby satisfying demanding palettes from all over the world.

Don't be afraid though, if you are not feeling especially brave, there are plenty of tasty options for those who prefer their food to be dead before it arrives at the table!.

Guilin has a rich variety of local delicacies to wet the appetite. There are several main areas for sampling the local cuisine: Binjiang Lu Food Street; Zhongshan Road, Putuo Lu Food Street; Jiefang Xilu Food Street; Zhishan Lu Food Street and Food city nearby the former.

Guilin cuisine is also typified by its sweetness and delicate use of spice and chili. Bamboo leaves stuffed with sweet rice are a great Guilin snack available all over the city and also in some of the restaurants.

The city also has some fine upmarket restaurants where you can sample typical local dishes. The Guilin Hotel Restaurant has a nice environment to sample some of this food and the Chicken Balls with chestnut are especially good here.

If you fancy a break from Chinese food there are also some fantastic options available here.

The Empire Garden Hotel Restaurant has a fabulous Japanese and French restaurant where you can sample good food amidst an elegant environment.

The little town of Yangshuo also has some surprisingly good western style restaurants where you can sit back and relax in peaceful and friendly surroundings.

Guilin Cuisine has its unique flavour. One can enjoy a variety of delicious dishes in the hotels or in the street restaurants by excellent chef. Local snacks , such as Guilin Noodles are also available everywhere in Guilin. For Musilim, we provide special service in Guishan Hotel.
The oldest
Rice noodle is for breakfast and snacks as well. The rice noodle made of rice is white glistening, thin, smooth, gentle but strong. It's flavorless it self so it needs to be mixed with secretly made gravy and side dishes. The formula is highly confidential for businessman. The noodles can be assorted as Soup Noodle, Gravy&Vegetale Noodle,Sirloin Noodle, Sour and Spicy Noodle and horsemeat Noodle etc. The Guilin Rice Noodle from restaurants of "Youyixuan",Weixiangguan,:Shiji"authentic
The most genuine
Lingchuan Dog's Meat
Lingchuan has been know as the "City of Chinese Cate"since old times.And the dog's meat is the best.The dog's meat is delicious and nutritious.It has an effect of nourish essential fluid,tonifying the kidney,dispelling cold and strengthening the stomach according to Chinese traditional medicine.The best season for eating dog's meat is from the beginning of autumn to the end of spring.
Lipu Taro looped Meet
Lipu Taro Looped Meet is a famous traditional dish of Guilin.It is made of taro from Lipu, streaky pork with skin, pepper, mashed onion, preserved bean-curd of Guilin, cooking wine, sugar etc. The color is golden, soft but not tender, the taro smells fragrant, the meat slices tastes strong. Color, smell, and taste are all nice.
Some Famous Restaurants
Haodama Food Plaza
This is one of the biggest restaurants in Guilin with the most kinds of food. The branches are mainly located in the food plaza of Bagui Mansion and the food plaza of Niko NikoDo. They can accept 2000 guests at the same time. The main foods there are the Guilin local snacks, snacks from all over the country, special local dishes in Guilin, western food and Japanese food. All the cooking materials are visible to the customers.
Guilin Boy Domestic Food co.Ltd.
It's one of the national chaining restaurants which mainly serve homely dishes of Guilin. The main special local dishes are :Lingchuan Dog's Meat,Gingko stewed with Old Duck, Duck and Taro with Vinegar, Sour and Spicy Rice Flower Flish, Lipu Taro Looped Meat,Beer,Fish,ect.
Sponge cake
It is the traditional snack of Guilin,which is vacant inside.The shape is like a column with a sharp head.The color is light yellow. They are usually eaten at a happy event to show the wish and the blessing for a happy life. The main material of the sponge cake is sticky rice and polished japonica rice. Since it while eating, put them on a lotus leaf and taste them slowly. They are soft and delicious with pleasant fragrant.
Waternut Cake
The shape is like a horse's hoof, and is made of waternut flour with sugar, milk and coco as dressing. It tastes soft and nice. They are usually sold in the cool season.
Glutinous Rice Dumpling
The glutinous rice dumpling in Guilin is made of sticky rice with mungbean flour, Chinese chestnut, Lipu taro, peanuts,black bean, and pork inside. It smells very pleasant, taste soft and nice. According to their shape, there are triangle rice dumpling, wrap rice dumpling, pillow rice dumpling and cool rice dumpling(which is eaten with sugar),etc.
Bowl Cake
It is mainly made of sticky rice flour, polished japonica rice flour and brown sugar.The color is bright,It's like a flower at the top of the cake,It is lovely and tasty.
Pickled Vegetable
The Pickled Chinese cabbages are made of selected vegetable, bloated with vinegar and sugar.It tastes sour and sweet.

Oil----tea is the flavor of Guilin. Every county of Guilin has the habit of drinking oil-tea. The most famous one is Gongcheng oil---tea.

Food and Restaurants

Restaurant Name






Wangling Restaurant

Heishan Botanical Garden, Guilin


Chinese food

Tour groups food

Longze Tea House and Restaurant

No.2 Huaqiao Road, Guilin


Vegetable dishes, tea dishes

Tour groups food

Xufu Restaurant

No.2 North Dianzi Mansion, South Zhongshan Road, Guilin


Local delicacies

Tour groups food

Tianlin Restaurant

No.74 Qixing Road, Guilin


Chinese cuisine

Tour groups food

Kaisa Restaurant

Chuanshan Road, Guilin


Chinese cuisine

Tour groups food

Louwailon Restaurant

No.3 Ziyou Road, Guilin


Chinese cuisine

Tour groups food

Wangchenggang Restaurant

No.18 Longyin Road, Guilin


Chinese cuisine

Tour groups food

Xiangbincheng Restaurant

No.23 Binjiang Road, Guilin


Chinese cuisine

Tour groups food

Dongfu Restaurant

No.7-2, Qixing Road, Guilin


Chinese cuisine

Tour groups food

Hupan Restaurant

No.28 Sanhuang Road, Guilin


Chinese cuisine

Tour groups food

Lantian Restaurant

No.1 Building, Huaqiao Food Street, Guilin


Chinese cuisine

Tour groups food

Duishan Jinlong Restaurant

No.8-1 Xishan Road, Guilin


Chinese cuisine

Tour groups food

Electricity Supply Bureau Restaurant

No.262 Zhishan Road, Guilin


Chinese cuisine

Tour groups



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