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                    Beihai---A Pearl on the Shore of Beibu Gulf

Beihai, considered 'the first beach under the Heaven', is located in the south of Guangxi Province. Beihai is in the subtropical zone with abundant amounts of sunshine and rainfall, and the mild climate ensures vegetation to grow vigorously all year round. Green trees, colorful flowers, delicious melons and fruits can easily be found in Beihai, whatever time of year you come here. Sea, beaches, islands, sea food, costal forests, etc. present you with a beautiful and elegant city, Beihai.


 Beihai Silver Beach is one of China's ideal paradise sunshine beach holiday resorts, which lies on the coastlines lining the suburb south of the city. It covers an area of 80,000 squares meter with 24 kilometers of silver sandy beaches dotted with guesthouses, chalets, restaurants and entertainment outlets. With an all years round sunny weather, the water temperature rises to an average of 24 degrees C between the months of April to December. Water sports and beach games like wind surfing, yachting, motor boating, beach volleyball and football are some of the games and funs you'll get to enjoy with at this beach resort. At certain time of the year, ethnic cultural dance shows were held at this holiday resort. Each year thousands of fun and sun seeking tourist were attracted to Beihai Silver Beach.


Weizhou Island Two islands off the shore of Beihai have gained the nicknames of Greater and Lesser Penglai (Penglai being the abode of immortals in Chinese fables). One of them is Weizhou, 36 kilometers out to sea; the other called Xieyang (Sunset), about nine kilometers from Weizhou. Weizhou is renowned as a holiday resort. Besides excellent beaches, it offers some fantastic rock formations caused by seawater erosion. But what attracts visitors most is the idyllic atmosphere of a fishing vessels of all sizes are docked; you can watch the fishermen doing their chores. These people live in small wooden huts half hidden in the shade of the abundant banana trees. In front of the huts, you will find fisherwomen weaving nets. Interestingly, in the midst of this rustic environment there are several Western-style cathedrals and churches of the Virgin Mary, which, all more than a hundred years old, add an exotic touch to this simple Chinese village.