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Rooster Fighting Hill

Rooster Fighting Hill (Doujishan Hill) is made up of two hills (Tunnel Hill and Tortoise Hill) lying respectively on both banks of Li River. Opposite Elephant Trunk Hill, Tunnel Hill consists of five coterminous peaks that form the head, wings, tail and back of one rooster. Tortoise Hill looks like a bellicose rooster flapping its wings for a fight. The 138-meter (453 feet) relative elevation between the two hills makes Rooster Fighting Hill more vivid and lifelike. It seems that but for the river to separate them, they would have engaged in mortal combat.

There are many poems and couplets related to Doujishan Hill. Legend has it that a group of intellectuals went to Guilin to take the imperial examinations. While passing Rooster Fighting Hill in their boat, one of them composed 'Dou ji shan shang shan ji dou' (Two roosters are fighting on Rooster Fighting Hill) as the first part of a palindrome couplet all the others were meshed in thought but nobody worked out the second line. As they were having to prepare for the examination after reaching Guilin, the couplet was laid aside.

Years later, two of them went to take the imperial examinations in Guilin again and wanted to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Li River on the way. And words of a monk at Longyin Cave inspired one of them to think of 'Long yin yan zhong yan yin long' (A dragon is hiding in a rock inside Longyin Cave). Hence the couplet comes down to us.

The best view of Rooster Fighting Hill will come into sight if you look back once the yacht has passed it. The hill looks even more attractive against the rising sun.


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