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Pagoda Hill

With an area of 53.8 hectares, the Tunnel Hill Scenic Spot locates on the east bank of Li River. In the scenic spot, the trees and green grass grow in profusion and the environment is elegant, there are attractions of Tunnel Hill, Moon Cave, Pagoda Hill, Longevity Buddhist Pagoda, Tunnel Hill Cave, etc. It is a famous national scenic spot.
Tunnel Hill is a famous hill in Guilin. There is a round cave in its main peak,which looks like a bright moon hanging on the sky and is called Moon Cave by people. For it goes through the hill from north to south, it is also called "Tunnel Cave". The Tunnel Hill is praised as "The eye of Guilin's waters and mountains". On its Tunnel Cave you can have a view over the most classic mountains and waters of Guilin and can enjoy the most beautiful rural scenery in the city without stepping out of the city. In 1979, Tunnel Hill Cave was discovered in the Tunnel Hill, which is the oldest cave having been developed with unique characteristics. In the cave, the normal temperature remains about 22.C all the year round. The four features of Tunnel Hill are the glistening and translucent goose neck stalactite, curly stone branch, snowwhite crystal, and magic stone flowering and stone hair. So it is named as a "World's rare and magic crystal cave."
Xiaodong River flows from south to north to get a pass between the Pagoda Hill and Tunnel Hill. On the top of Pagoda Hill is a seven-layer brick pagoda built in the Ming Dynasty, which is called "Longevity Buddhist Pagoda"It sets off with the water of Xiaodong River to form a scene which is reputed as "Reflection of Pagoda Hill on the River" and is one of the Eight Old Scenes of Guilin.

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