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Forest of Odd Shaped Peaks

Rafting downstream from Jingping Hill, you can see a range of hump peaks rising steeply on the river bank near Daxu town, which is famed as the "Forest of Odd Shaped Peaks". The towering peaks point into the sky and the scene is imposing. Ancient people named the town among these peaks Qifeng Town (Town of Odd Shaped Peaks). It is a fine example of the fantastic Karst landform. 

About several hundred million years ago, this area was a boundless ocean, only dotted with a few pieces of land. At the bottom of the ocean, vast limestone areas accumulated which were several thousand meters deep. The diastrophism resulted in many folds and ruptures in the deposit terrain. For thousands of years the rainwater permeated into these crevasses, dissolving calcium carbonate contained in the limestone. The ground became bumpy and various grotesque peaks raised.

On the highest peak, there is a large hole that resembles as if the moon is hanging on the peak. Legends explain that it is as the second of three holes perforated by General Fubo's arrow. For more details, one can find more information at Fubo Hill.

The Forest of Odd-Shaped Peaks typically represents karst landform. Formerly a vast ocean containing scattered lands, a thousand-meter layer of limestone settled under the ocean. As Guangxi Province rose out of the ocean to become land, the movement of the earth's crust caused numerous folds and fractures to the terrain. Rainwater permeated and dislocated calcium carbonate from the limestone over time, forming numerous odd-shaped peaks.

The journey from Elephant Trunk Hill to the Forest of Odd -Shaped Peaks serves as a prelude to the breathtaking scenery of the Li River. The views do change from time to time but all are a feast for the eyes.

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