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Li River --Ox Gorge

Guangxi - Guilin - Li River Attractions -- Ox Gorge

About 30 km (18.6 miles) far from Guilin City, Ox Gorge lies south of Millstone Hill. It's a long and narrow gorge with most of its surrounding mountains shaped like oxen, hence the name Ox Gorge. What's more, there are many other mountains looking like lions, tigers, horses and embroidery balls.

The waters of the Li River are cut into two at Ox Gorge and the sand beach in the river is divided into three parts. In ancient times, the grand view formed by the water that slapped against the sheer cliff was highly regarded by the famous traveler Xu Xiake of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Having been dredged and reconstructed several times, the left branch was set as the present-day mainstream of the river.

There are nine stones in the river formed from nine oxen according to the legend. The scene is named Nine Oxen Playing with Water. The open river area, the elegant peaks and the absurd stones really differ from the scenery you see in other spots along the river.

At the end of the sand beach, there is a deep pool called Chenxiang Pool, situated under the cliff of the Stone Hill. It is one of the three deep pools in Li River. Many dragon-like stalactites are suspended from the cliff over the pool. This scene is the noted Dragons Playing with Water.

Ox Gorge is the boundary between the first and second section of Li River Cruise

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