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Wangfu rock

Guangxi - Guilin - Li River Attractions -Wangfu rock 

While cruising down the Li River, after passing Ox Gorge, you will see two human-shaped rocks standing on the hill along the west bank, not far from the Yangdi Village. At the top of the hill stands a stone in the shape of a man in ancient Chinese costume, facing north. This stone is called "Immortal Stone." Halfway down the hill there is another stone shaped like a woman looking into the distance, with a child on her back. This stone is called Wangfu Rock (Yearning-for-husband's-return Rock).

This scenic spot is one of the most attractive along the Li River, not only because of the vivid scenery there, but also the legend about kindhearted couple.

Legend has it that they used to be a good couple who made their living operating a ferry. Once, the husband was asked to ship goods for a cunning merchant from Wuchow to Guilin. Provided with limited food by the merchant, the family set out. Due to the bad weather, the boat was stranded in a shallow.

All attempts to free the boat were in vain, and with the unexpected delay all the food was used up. Finally, they climbed up the hilltop and wished that the passing boats would help them. Without result, they turned into the rocks in despair.

Accordingly, people call the man-like rock on the hilltop "Immortal Rock", and the other on the slope in the figure of a woman with child on back "Yearning-for-Husband's-Return Rock."

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