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Yellow Cloth Beach

The most famous of the reflections of the mountain scenery along the Li River is said to be Huangbu beach. The clear water reveals a yellow rock board at the bottom of the river for about 100 meters. The rock resembles a piece of yellow cloth spreading over the river bed; hence its Chinese name. On the bank near the beach, a group of seven peaks are named "seven fairy sisters". Due to a legend these sisters descended from the heavenly palace to tour the Li River one day. They were so overwhelmed by its scenic beauty that they forgot to return. When the King of Heaven found out, he ordered them to come back, but the sisters chose to remain on earth. They changed themselves into stone peaks by blowing gusts of miracle air and can still be admired today.

Traveling downriver along Li River, about 0.5 km (0.3 mile) from Mural Hill you will see Yellow Cloth Shoal.

Yellow Cloth Beach: because there is a big off-white stone block on the bottom of beach, like a piece of "Yellow Cloth",so this name comes into being. Here are the most beautiful scenic spots along Li River. The water likes mirror, blue and clear; the green bamboo embracing the bank with elegant figures; the chain of mountains, green bamboo, blue sky and white cloud are reflecting in the water. The hill and water combine into one body, the water and sky merge in one color.  The best poem which can summary this scenic spot is "It is obvious, that you can see the top of hill, but the cruise is traveling on the top of hill." wrote by Yuan Mu, a Qing dynasties poet.

This is how Yellow Cloth Shoal got its name.
On the hill which is situated on the east bank, there is a stone looking like a monkey holding a watermelon. Next is a bear lying on its back. On the west bank, you will see a stone in the shape of a woman holding a baby in her arms. This scene is called Lady-in-waiting Holding the Crown Prince.

On both sides of the shoal stand seven elegant peaks, which are of different height and size. They were named 'Seven Fairy Maidens Descending to the World'. Legend goes that the seven fairy maidens traveled to Li River and were deeply attracted by the unique scenery. They lingered with no thought of leaving, even though the annoyed Jade Emperor ordered them to return to heaven. However, they preferred to turn themselves into mountain peaks than to obey the order.

On a fine and windless day, the reflections of the seven peaks are so vivid that you may not tell the real peaks by the river from the reflections in the water. You will experience the feeling that you are sailing on the top of the peaks. However, not everybody is lucky enough to enjoy this enthralling sight, for on a wet day, the reflection will be broken up by the raindrops while on a foggy day, the reflections will be shrouded in mist.

The best time to enjoy the reflections is when the yacht travels to the bends at Leech Shoal. This is the very place from where the background design on the CNY 20 bank note originates, so remember to take out your note and make a comparison!


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