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Green Lotus Peak

Besides the lovely pink and white lotus blooms seen throughout China, there is also a green lotus flower. Legend has it that the Green Lotus Fairy used to live in Heaven but often felt caged in. One day she met with Chang Er, a Chinese fairy living on the moon, and asked her for help. Chang Er showed her sympathy for the Green Lotus Fairy. She turned the fairy into a piece of paper and took her out of the heavenly palace secretly to the Li River. One day, Nanji Xianweng (God of Longevity) traveled here and discovered the green lotus. He planned to take it to the heavenly pool. The green lotus was very sad because she fell in love with the carp in the river. And she asked the carp to blot up the water of the Li River so as to stay forever with the carp. As a result, she was turned into a stone hill, which is now the present-day Green Lotus Peak, by the annoyed Nanji Xianweng. The annoyed Nanji Xianweng also changed the carp into what is known today as the Carp Shoal.

This peak on the west bank of the Li river is like a green lotus rising from the water. This peak is the symbol of Yangshuo.

       Green Lotus Peak (Bilian Peak), whose original name was Jian (mirror) Shan, is on the west bank of Li River, southeast of Yangshuo County. A landmark of the county, the peak resembles a budding lotus bloom in contrast to the other peaks found in the area.
     Found near the peak are many pavilions, moya (stone characters/statues carved on cliffs) and steles. Most impressive and famous of all is the Chinese character 'dai' written in cursive script. In Chinese, the words 'area' and 'generation' are both pronounced 'dai'. Therefore, the 'dai' on the cliff has a dual meaning, both referring to the beautiful scenic area and indicating the young generation. The word is about 6 meters (19.7 feet) high and 3 meters (9.7 feet) wide and is composed of eight Chinese characters: yi dai shan he, shao nian nu li which translate into a message that states 'the young generation should maintain the beauty of the area and work hard to contribute to the country'.
      One can appreciate the natural landscape of the peak at Yingjiang Pavilion which provides eight windows for views of the mountain. Beyond the top of the hill, a striking scene composed of numerous peaks, rosy clouds, villages, the Li River and Yangshuo Country beckons the visitor. A sunrise view framed in light fog would be a memorable experience.

How to get there: The peak is reachable by bike or on foot from most areas of the village.

Admission Fee: CNY 30
Opening Hours: 08:00 - 18:00
Time for a Visit:
45 minutes -one hour

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