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Assembling Dragon Cave

Guilin has the most beautiful scenery in China, while Yangshuo is the most fascinating part of a Guilin tour"

If the landscape in Guillin is a royal crown of world tourism, the landscape in Yangshuo is a jewel inlaid on the royal crown.
Yangshuo is famous for its beautiful countryside sightseeing as well as the green hills, clear water, grotesque caves and pretty rocks. The Assembling Dragon Cave is located 6km south of Yangshuo county and between the famous scenic spots "Big Banyan Tree" and "Moon Hill".It consists of "Black Cave"and "Water Cave".It's named Assembling Dragon Cave because outside the cave the grotesque peaks are like the dragons jumping over the clouds and in the cave the varied appearance stalactites are like the teasing water dragons. It's about 1,000 meters long and it'll take 40 minutes to visit.

Things in the cave are the beautiful sculpture of Nature. The main sceneries are: Dragon Daughter meeting guests, Crystal Palace, An old man guarding treasures, the milky way grotesque peak, Peach Banquet, concubine bathing, Wonders in Stone Forest, Jade pillars in Dragon Palace, Moon above the sea, Mirage, Peacock show, Concubine Tian guarding sailing, Magu offering birthday present, wonderland dawn, Inverted snowdrops, Chang'e rushing moon, A phoenix drinking dewdrops, Golden cock crowing, Dragons Seeing off guests and so on. Meanwhile, because of the sweet music and colorful lights, the visitors will have the feeling of traveling in fairyland

Many Strange stones are more beautiful than pictures and countless mountains are so attractive that you won't turn away!

Magical Stones Palace is one of the most important scenic spots of Assembling Dragon Park, Located six kilometers (3.7 miles) south of Yangshuo County ,which located in the joint of Yulong River and Jinban River, and near to Big Banyan Tree and Moon Hill. It is encircled by small brooks and mountains.
Meanwhile there are many small huts and houses of the villagers hidden here and there. The ridges in the fields look like a vast net and the scenery is too beautiful to be enjoyed enough.  

The palace covers 900 square meters with 7 exhibition halls. More than 1,000 kinds of grotesque stones are showing their wonderful splendor! You are welcome to come into a magical stones world!

The strange shapes and the meanings contained, whether the classical beauty or the delicate taste, all the strange stones will enable you to feel the geological changes and the natural power. Returning to the nature from a noisy city, you'll enrich your imaginations when you walk in the art palace. Welcome to appreciate the rich connotation and the plain realm of the palace!

A Chinese saying goes well "A small world on the desk, the whole world on the palm!" That's a vivid expression to the Magical Stones Palace.

This is the only Karst cave in Yangshuo which can be admired both by land and by boat. The cave is over 1,000 meters (1,094 yards) long, 25 meters (82 feet) high at its highest point and 30 meters (33 yards) across at its widest with a quarter of the sightseeing route navigable by boat. Next to the watercourse there is a plank road equipped with guardrails. Visitors can watch the inner sights on foot or by boat as they like.

The scenery in the cave is an extraordinary masterpiece of nature without any artificial management. In the cave, the spectacular Karst scenery is too amazing to miss. There are too many astonishing sights such as stalagmites, stalactites, stone pillars, waterfalls, and underground rivers for visitors to take in. The pool in the cave is the seemingly bottomless Wudi Pool. Floating along the underground river in the pool, visitors can row their boats through the cave and come out from the back while experiencing a drop height of several meters.

There are many enthralling waters and mountains gathered around the cave, as well as many pavilions, terraces, and towers built in the style of local minorities' architecture. Antiphonal singing with 'Sanjie Liu' (an excellent folk singer of Zhuang ethnic minority in ancient China) can also entertain visitors on their trip.

The Assembling Dragon Cave's natural beauty accompanied with its cultural displays has made it the most distinctive scenic spot in Guilin, and attracts millions of international visitors.

Tips: Battery cars and bicycles are both available from Yangshuo County.

Admission Fee: CNY 45
Opening : 08:30-17:30
Time for a Visit:
One hour