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Yangshuo Xingping

Xingping terminal 2 km walk along the Lijiang River, China is the first president of Sun Yat-sen, U.S. President Bill Clinton both visited the fishing village.Fishing village in the Lijiang River Edge, in the village of Fair Housing and ancient architectural style similar to, and green tile, sloping roof, Ma Tau walls, Fei Yan, painting houses, carved windows, unique structure, with the typical characteristics of the Ming and Qing Dynasties northern Guangxi residential areas, according to This nearly 500-year history, remains intact.Surrounded the village before the Lijiang River, Jiang Lei Yue Mun area opposite the mountain, the Baoshan, Yuanbaoshan, sword Daoshan, Beacon Hill charisma different.

Magnificent riverside view in Xingping

At 16:00 on July 2, 1998, the then U.S. President Bill Clinton and his wife, and by boat from Guilin, arrived in fishing villages to visit. Clinton typical ancient fishing village on the outlook of China's rural areas frequently nodded approval, appreciation of his great interest in the old Ma Tau wall, walk through the streets in who was deeply attracted carved doors and windows, could not stop touching,In Zhao Shi visited the village after the commissary, Clinton said: "my grandmother is a small shop, I like to look at the commissary." Zhao Shi then take the initiative and the family took a photograph.In the fishing village after nearly one hour visit, Clinton told reporters at the scene of the villagers and said: "Here I would like to help us press units and the Chinese people, said that in the correct leadership of President Jiang Zemin, the Chinese people's lives will become better and better , Life has become like the same beautiful flowers. "President Clinton's visit to fishing village, the world's major media compete, so that small fishing village Mingyangtianxia.

    Fishing village that it is a village, the castle is a rather more precise. It is said that this small castle earlier outsiders can not easily go into a, even into hard to have to come it an array Figure 8. Chuang Chuang is a village full of green construction of the house, hospital Diaolianghuadong, wood carving, Zhuandiao abound.Fishing village has 400 years of history, here are Xingzhao, their ancestors very likely is the emperor of the Song Zhao and future generations, in Songmo major upheaval in this flight, they choose to Lijiang edge of a flood land inhabited, remote locations and You Sheng, Chu Chen's accession to the WTO. Unfortunately, their ancestors left only once glorious, after centuries of wind and rain erosion, Today, many of the already dilapidated house, it is Xishi sigh.It is "the number of ancient and modern, have to pay in Xiaotan."

Xingping Old Town is located 25 km east of Yangshuo. Embraced by the limped Li River and the karst hills, the town is regarded as the most beautiful town in Guilin. Xingping has picturesque landscape but not known by the western countries until Bill Clinton visited its ancient Fishing Village on July, 1998.

The history of Xingping can be dated back to at least 265 A.D. It was once the county seat of the Xiping County of the Wu State during the Three Kingdoms Period (220-280A.D),the town hence the name ("Xiping" and "Xingping" are pronounced similarly) and keeps many ancient bridges, old lanes, streets, old-style houses, ferries, pavilions, temples, caves, old-world villages and old trees. Xingping has many famous scenic spots, some of the following you should not miss:

Opposite the Xingpng Pier and by the Dahebei Village, take out the 20 note of RMB when enjoy the beautiful landscape you will have a delightful surprise.

Traveling in the Yangshuo-Xingping area, you can actually experience the life of local fishermen by going fishing with them. Their fishing techniques are unlike anything you've ever seen. They use bamboo rafts instead of wooden boats and they use cormorants to catch the fish. They do this by tying a noose around a bird's long neck to prevent it from swallowing its catch. After you finish fishing, the hospitable villagers will cook your freshwater bounty.

Xingping Travel Tips
1. In Yangshuo, a host of cafes and local travel agents also organize boat trips to Xingping. About three hours upstream from Yangshuo, the mountain scenery around Xingping is breathtaking, and there are many caves. People living in some of the caves make gunpowder for a living. Many travelers take their bicycles out to Xinping by boat and cycle back - it's a picturesque ride of about three hours, and the whole package costs RMB several hundred depending on how many of you there are. Any number of cafes can organize boat tickets for you. If you're keen on a river trip, the best thing to do, as always, is ask around. There are literally dozens of touts and guides chatting you up on the streets of Yangshuo, so hit them up for advice on the good/bad/boring stretches of the river.

2. It's possible to spend the night in Xingping. One small hotel sits on a point that just out into the river called "Laodifang (This Old Place Int'l Youth Hostel)", the rooms are RMB 90-180 (for guests) or RMB 80-170 (for YHIF members). Also you can ferry to a village opposite the Xingping Town Pier and lodge in the countryside inns or hotels. Greenland Inn and the Landscape Nirvana Hotel are top recommended, both the two have good facilities. You can enjoy the delicious local dishes cooked by the farmers or have a special barbecue at night.
3. In Xingping, a couple of doll's house restaurants with bilingual menus keep everyone fed (take care that they don't overcharge).

 4. There is a classical hiking way from Xingping to Yangdi. Many hikers take bus to Xingping and hike to Yangdi. Or take bus from Guilin to Yangdi and hike to Xingping and then take bus to Yangshuo.

Admission Fee: CNY 30
Opening : 7:00-18:30
Transportation: Bus: Guilin-Yangshuo-Xingping;
Boat: Wharf of Xingping-Yangshuo Fishing Village