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Mausoleum of Ming prince
Jingjiang Mausoleum
Located at the foot of Yao Mountain, 7km east of guilin, the Mausoleum of Prince Jingjiang is an important historical site and attraction in Guilin.

The Mausoleum is where eleven princes of the Jingjiang family during Ming dynasty were buried. The site covers an area over 100 square km with more than 300 tombs scattering. In front of each tomb stands Huabiao(ornamental column erected in front of palace, tombs), official stone statues, various animals (tiger, lion, unicorn). These stone works were exquisitely made, primitively simple and stately.

The tomb of the third king and his consort is now opened to tourists. On the top of this tomb, visitor can get a panoramic view of the whole mausoleum: red walls and ornamental halls nesting in the lush vegetation.