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Daxu Ancient Town

The Daxu old town in the Lijiang River east bank, southeast the fathers and sons crag, rubs north Panshan, is apart from the Guilin 23 kilometers voyages. The history carries, the old town builds in the Northern Song Dynasty first year, the resurgence in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, in the Republic of China time, was prosperously had the millennium history, far 600 years ago, big dike by it "big", becomes broad Xisi Xu Town (Binyang's reed dike, Cangwu's Rung Xu, Gui County's bridge dike).

The Daxu ancient town is the water communication key position, is the famous country fair trade collection and distribution center, east has moist field Xin River, docks with welfare's Ma He; West lovesickness river, may continually to Yongfu; The northern side Lijiang River is running throughout Guilin, Xingan, Yangshuo, Pingle, Wuzhou, may reach higher authorities Hunan, straight under Guangzhou.

The Daxu ancient town is a historical glorious old town, build in the bright simple arch stone bridge long life bridge, still south male cross town; The Qing Dynasty constructs the high ancestral temple, the Chinese emperor temple and Guangdong, Hunan, the Jiangxi clubhouse and so on, as well as is 5 miles qingshiban roads, in the town blue brick grey tile building, becomes the ancient Xu Town's testimony.

The Daxu ancient town all around has the allinismus mountain, Jingshan, to rub Panshan. Zhenxi wool continent, four sides surrounded by water. The big dike is rich in the citrus reticulata chrysoidine y sleeve's big orchard, the fine scenery, the countryside like picture.

In 2001 constructed Guilin to when rubbed the winding around a mountain wharf traveling road, in Xu Town has discovered rare ancient tombs, 7 ancient grave arrangements all day long on big dipper shape, moreover various graves sealed the heap the size and star star brightness have the connection, this in domestic initial contact. The ancient tombs the foothill (are named the Big Dipper slope) located at the Xu Town masan east. The local common people spread, this tombs are the Jingjiang king's imperial clan--In nearby village Zhu Xingren ancestor grave.

Although the ancient grave and Big Dipper's relations are a riddle until now, but from the ancient grave unearthed Tao He, the earthenware jar, the bronze sword, the iron axe and funerary objects and so on Shi Bi looked, about this tombs was Jingjiang king grave of a saying imperial clan is the erroneous report, it the Pingle silver mountain ridge Warring States which excavated with 1974 to the west Han tomb have the similarity, should be the grave at the same time, had various research value.

The Daxu ancient rhyme still saves, lonesome and quiet plain, had the same year "HuangLi Liao high four everybody" to control area Gui Bei the economic lifeline business secret to attract the numerous travel tourists, had the Big Dipper ancient grave to be swoonsome.