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Guilin is famous for its limestone karst mountains, most relaxing Li River cruise, extraordinary minority villages and terraced rice fields, and the backpackers' paradise - Yangshuo.

"The river forms a green gauze belt, the mountains are like blue jade hairpins."
- by Han Yu, a famous writer of Tang Dynasty

"I have visited more than 80 countries and over 100 cities. I have found that no city can surpass the beauty of Guilin. Guilin is really a bright pearl in China."
- by former U.S. President Richard Nixon

"No place in China is more evocative of the beauty of your country than Guilin."
- by former U.S. President Bill Clinton.

10 Reasons to Visit Guilin

  • An absolutely legendary scenic Mecca, Guilin has the most typical karst topography in the world, with verdant hills, limpid waters, mysterious caves and grotesque rocks.
  • Take the Li River Cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo and enjoy the fresh feeling of walking in a Chinese ink landscape painting
  • Pedal lazily through the rice paddies, fruit orchards, tranquil villages and extraordinary karst peaks of Yangshuo
  • Simply relax yourself in one of the bars or cafes at the nationally renowned Yangshuo
  • West Street to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere
  • Watch the stunning "Impression'Liu Sanjie" - China's largest outdoor performance on a natural stage setting formed by the Li River and 12 peaks
  • Enjoy a casual stroll through the city area, taste the famous Guilin rice noodles, and take the 'Two Rivers and Four Lakes' water tour around the city at night
  • Explore the peak-dotted riverine parks and marvel at Mother Nature's masterpieces, such as the Elephant Trunk Hill, the Camel Hill
  • Go through spectacular karst caves, such as the Reed Flute Cave and the Seven Star Cave, and learn how the fantastic stalactites were formed
    Take an excursion to the spectacular Dragon;s Backbone Rice Terraces in Longsheng
  • County and sleep in the Zhuang village of Ping'an
    Hike around the mountain areas dotted with colourful ethnic minority tribes such as Zhuang, Miao, Yao and Dong

chinauniquetour  As one of the key enterprises on travel service in Xian and China, we have been, over the years offering the tailor-made package tours and custom tours for individuals, families and groups. Meanwhile, we also provide discount hotel reservation as well as the flight and train tickets booking in Xian and China. 

All the prearranged Single-city Day Tours and Multi-cities tour packages above are private tours.
While taking our private tours, you, your friends or your family enjoy the exclusive use of a car or van with a personal local tour guide usually from 9:00am to 6:00pm for the tour you have booked. Our tour guide will meet you at the airport, the railway station or your hotel. We include the major attractions in our prearranged itinerary. If you have any special request in terms of the attractions, please tell us, we are able to have a tailor-made tour for you.
The hotel accommodation:
We have chosen for you the carefully recommended hotels in each itinerary which are classified into three categories: Deluxe ( 5 star otel ), Standard ( 4 star hotel ) and Budget ( 3 star hotel ). If you prefer a specific hotel, or you would like to reserve the hotels by yourself, please tell us in advance, we can customize the tour per your request. We do offer some tour packages without hotel bookings.
Meals on your trip:
Your breakfast is usually included in your hotel. So you will have daily breakfast at the hotel. We usually include all the lunches on your whole trip as mentioned in your itinerary. We offer Chinese lunches in most cases. Usually the tourist meals have a bad name. But we try our best to improve the quality of the lunch on the tour. All the lunches are not refundable. We often skip the dinners for you to have more flexibility. Most of the hotels offer very good buffet dinner or Chinese dinner. Or you may choose to have supper at the restaurants near the hotels. But sometimes we do offer dinner when you have booked our prearranged evening shows, like Peking Opera, Acrobatics, Kung Fu Show.
Local tour guide in China:
We can arrange different language speaking tour guide, such as English, French, Russian, German, Japan, Italy and so on. All of them graduated from college and have passed the touth national examination to be licensed as a guide.
How about the vehicle?
We use the air-conditioned and well-shaped vehicles. All the vehicles are licensed with insurance. All vehicles are equipped with air-conditioning; Can carry standard luggage; Are always clean,tidy and odour-and damage-free; Are not refuelled during the transfer; Are parked within a distance of not more than 100 metres from the collection point.
1-2 traveling Party: we offer cars
3-8 traveling Party: we offer vans
8-10 travelling Party; we offer coach
How about the driver?
All the drivers have the official licenses with at least over 3 years' driving experience. All drivers select the most dynamic route, observe local traffic regulations; Are properly dressed; Are familiar with the region; Refrain from smoking,eating and drinking in the passengers presence.
Any tourist shops on the tours?
We do arrange one or two shops which are legal by the national travel organization on the tour per day. Chinese tourist shops have a very bad name on the internet. Actually the things are not so bad as it is. The shopping stops are nice places for you to relax and at the same time to make use of the short time to familiarize yourself with the local products. The shopping is not compulsory.(If you aren't willing to shop)
To whom should I complain if I have received very bad service?
You can complain to the manager of  Xi'an Bear Tower Brounch of CITS atEmail:inquire@chinauniquetour.com If you feel your case is very serious, you are suggested to complain to our local tourism bureau at Beijing Tourism Complaint.
How to reserve the tours?
1. Please use our
online booking or send your travel request via email to Email:inquire@chinauniquetour.com. You are also welcome to call us at + 86 029 87238990 Phone after working hours: 0086 13488197185 or 13709240821 (24 hours).
2. Our real trip advisors will have contact you either by email or telephone. We offer one to one real person contac. When your booking is confirmed, you will get a confirmation email which includes the confirmed detailed itinerary with prices.
3. Way of Payment: cash payment, credit card payment or wire transfer. Both RMB and hard currency are acceptable.