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Beer Fish

For its special taste and cooking method, Beer Fish is one of the most famous dishes in Yangshuo. It’s made with a fish from one of the local rivers in a blend of spices, herbs, tomato, celery, mushrooms and of course, beer.

This dish can be dated back to the 1980s in Yangshuo. Along with the combination of Chinese and Western cultures, the taste of Yangshuo people has developed its own characteristics over time. The most representative dish is Beer Lijiang River Fish. It takes fresh Lijiang common carp and grass carp as the raw ingredients. Beer, a very traditional drink in Western countries, is selected as the main flavoring and is cooked together with the Chinese dish. The brave addition of beer to the fish gives birth to one of the most characteristic and popular local dishes in Guilin. Moreover, it has been introduced to many other places all over China. The dish tastes fresh and delicious and has a lasting aroma of beer. It not only wins applause from Chinese consumers, but is also widely favored by tourists from overseas.

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