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Yiling Cave

Lying 20 kilometers northwest of Nanning, Yiling Cave is a cave with Karst topography. It is named after the village: Yiling village. In Zhuang language, it is also called “Gan Palace”, which means the cave is as beautiful as a palace.Geologists think this cave was formed one million years ago. Yiling Cave is in the middle of Liangman Hill which is in the shape of a conch. The cave is divided into three levels, winding and changing all the time. There are 8 scenic districts consisting of 100 scenic points covering a total area of 24,000 square meters.

It is said that during Kaixi and Jiading periods of Southern Song dynasty(1205-1224), there was a monk called Zhou Shiqing who build a Buddhist convent here and cultivated himself into a fairy. Thus Yiling Cave also called the Fairy-Watching Cave by the later generation who also built the Jianxian Temple on the mountain top. Located in the Liangman Mountain, the cave was a section of underground which became a cave because of the movement of the earth shell. After ten million years’ dissolution, different kinds of stalactites, stalagmites, stelaes are formed in thousands of postures in the cave to create wonderful, amazing and mysterious views. Like a whelk, it is 45 meters in depth and has an area of 24000sq.m, divided into three levels, winding and changing all the time.

Visitors can fully get the knowledge of the culture, history and folkway of Zhuang minority in the cultural corridor of Zhuang built in this scenic spot.

It is in Wuming county, 18 kilometers away from Nanning city. Visitors can get there by taking a coach to Wuming at Anji Passenger Station and get off at Yiling Cave.

It is cold and wet in the cave, so you should bring along an extra jacket and some slid-resistant shoe.