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Baimian Yao Village

Baimian (White face) Yao Village locates at the east Longsheng County, 96km from Guilin City.the Longsheng Hot Springs National Forest Park, the Baimian Yao Village is about six kilometers (four miles) from the Longsheng Hot Spring. Surrounded by luxuriant forests, the village houses the Red Yao people's community.

The Baimian Yao Village covers a total area of about 35,000 square meters (nine acres) and the building area is approximately 3,000 square meters (one acre). In front of the village gate stands a tablet which is inscribed with the village rules. Outside the gate there is a pillar, the totem of the Red Yao people. Below the village, a huge rock resembling the dragon's tongue protrudes from the mountainside. Hence its name: the Dragon Tongue Rock. The rock has other names, such as the Red Army Rock or Kuangming Rock to commemorate the victory of the Long March.

Baimian village lives 35 families of Red Rao with simple and unsophisticated folkway and with unique living custom. Every person there can sing folk's songs, zealous and hospitable. When there are guests coming, Yao girls will wear bright and colorful costumes and sing folk songs to welcome the guests and they will also give you their folk special dances and traditional folk sports competitions. Yao people will also make savory oil tea with the fountain from their ancient "Stone Well". This oil tea will make you linger over the taste without giving the expressions to the views.

Maples are growing prosperously around the village. A tablet inscribed the village rules is located in front of the village gate and a pillar as the totem of Red Yao peole is right outside of the gate. Besides, a huge rock with the shape of the dragon's tongue lies below the village.
Once taking a tour here, you will have the chance to join in the traditional sports activities such as play tug of war with elephants and prop the bamboo bars. You can also enjoy the graceful dances by Red Yao girls with long hair. In addition, it will be regret if you do not have a taste of the yummy oil tea-the local specialty.

Tourists can take 321 National Highway from Guilin to Longsheng and then transfer to X144 County Road to Ziyuan to get there.

Admission Fee: CNY 35

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