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Yinshui Dong Village

The village has a long history. As early in the Tang Dynasty (618-907), the Dong nationality had settled there. After the hard work and construction of several generations, the village grew into a populous town. Unfortunately, in the reign of Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), the Dong people revolted against the Qing Government. The uprising was put down. In order to escape persecution, the villagers fled and abandoned their village. But in 1993, Yinshui Dong Village was renovated under the auspicious of Longsheng County Government.

Yinshui Dong Village locates in the 2 kilometers of west Longsheng County, about 89 kilometers from Guilin City. Yinshui Dong Village is a typical Dong village with picturesque scenery. Here you will appreciate the charming view and the outstanding typical Dong architecture, experience the unique ethnic custom, and taste the appetizing local cuisine.

The orgin of the name - Yinshui Dong Village
Yinshui Dong Village is a typical Dong village with picturesque scenery. The village is built in a valley surrounded by steep peaks with dense forest stretching to the sky. The waterfall flying into the valley is like a silver chain hanging off the mountain slope, hence the attractive name of Yinshui - Silver Water.

The Yinshui Dong Village boasts fantastic scenery with luxuriant forests and unique traditional buildings which have a strong local minority flavor. Besides, a temple for worship stands at the end of the village. The locals will come here to worship during special days. Also tourists have the chance to enjoy the performance of the local Dong people since they are a nationality good at both singing and dancing. When visiting the village, you should not miss the distinctive local cuisine such as acid meat, acid duck and acid fish (known as Three Acid).

The Dong people still retains their unique national identity. Almost everyone of Dong nationality is good at singing their folk songs and dancing. Now Yinshui Dong Village has become a window to exhibit Dong custom. Thousands of tourists go there to appreciate "Thousand-year Songs Singing" and respectfully listen to the local people pouring out vicissitudes history of Dong Family.

Visitors can take the Guilin-Longsheng national highway 321 to get to this

Admission Fee: CNY 50

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