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Jinkeng Rice Terrace

Besides of the famous known Pingan village of Zhuang Minority Ethnic in Longji Terraces, There is another famous Jinkeng Rice Terraces, which is home to Yao minorities. Jinkeng Rice Terraces are located around 25 miles (40 km) away from Longsheng and 20km away from Longji Terraces, where you will be rewarded feats of farm engineering going all the way up a string of 2400 feet (800 m) mountains. The 66-square-km network irrigation project was began by the ethnic Zhuang in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), and finished by the Qing (1644-1911).

Jinkeng Rice Terraces also named Dazai Terrace. There are top four scenic spots in the LoDazai Terraces - Jinkeng Terraces. They are so – called “Dajieqiancengtianti”、“Qixingbanyue”、“Xishanshaole” and “Jinfoding” . Jinkeng Rice Terraces - Dazhai Rice Terraces is higher, wider, and more beautiful, spectacular than Longji Terraces - Dragon’s Backbone rice Terraces.

And there are two villages here in Jinkeng Rice Terraces. The first village at the foot of the mountain is Dazai Village. Further uphill Yao people two-story cabins are nestled against the breathtaking man-made wonder. The layout of the village mimics the terraces fields symmetry, giving an appearance that the houses are stacked on top of one another- an integrated part of the land.

Climbing up the hill for 60 minutes, you will arrive Tiantouzai Village, where you will have a panoramic view of the whole area of Jinkeng Rice Terrace. Recommend you to have a rest in a small cafeteria " Countryside Cafe", the only place where English menu is available.

Jinkeng rice terraces and villages here has not been known to many tourist, the facilities here are not so convenient, about 30 minutes extra drive then to Pingan village, muddy and bumping road, that is part of the reason why most of the drivers and tour guides will not take visitors to this remote village.

Best times to go
Spring , in May and June, is the best time, when the amazing green rice terraces are filled with water. Autumn, in Sept.and Oct. , offers a different color of the striking rice terraces.

Longji Terraces is better for a quick visit (shorter walks to viewpoints and a cooler looking town) but Jinkeng terraces (Tinatou and Dazhai villages) has the better terraces along with longer/steeper climbs. Be prepared to be hassled by locals hawking goods with everystep. Dazhai is quite busy despite the narrow dirt road required to get there.

You might continue your treking through the rice paddies for 4 hours to Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces - Longji Terraces and Pingan Village

Map of Longji Terraces - Jinkeng Terraces