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Yangshuo town Xingping

Xingping Yangshuo town known for beautiful landscapes, King is known under heaven, is "China's tourism county" Yangshuo County, a major tourist destination. Yangshuo County is located in the northeast county 25 kilometers away from Yangshuo. The world-famous Lijiang River meandering stream in the town southwest of the territory of more than 20 kilometers long section of the river, the two sides stretching peaks, such as Jianmang row graft, strange weird, 10000 state Zi, green water Ying Hui, Castle Peak ring out, reflection of blocks of, Bamboo forest, weeping willow grass and little star sail boating middle of the river exist side by side.

Xingping, Guilin essence, there are well-known painting of nine horses Hill, the reflection of yellow cloth, monks nuns bicker, North Korea panel Hill, Rong Tan spot, fog around the green snail, there are two of the president swimming across the mysterious, ancient village - fishing village, there is known for its world Karst wonders - Lotus Rock, there was printed in 1999 edition of Er Shi yuan background pattern on the back of the xingping scenic river. Throughout the ages, Xingping beautiful mountains and rivers, attracted numerous literary man whom intoxicated. Of the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries of Marshal Ye Jianying in 1963, when touring xingping wrote "Spring Li River water passenger boat light, clamps the shore arrangement Qifeng out shuttle. Ma Yuehua Yamahito closer look at a mirror, turned out good wins in the xingping." Immortal Psalm.

Xingping town has a long history, the place the first year of the Three Kingdoms, Wu mannose (AD 265) onwards shall Kihei county, Seat is located in this village, Han Xing Town of lions. Suikai Huang decade (AD 590), Kihei county Han by the Lions moved to the town of Yangshuo, where only Wei set, "Kihei" After longstanding will be getting misinformation as "xingping", has been 1730 years of history.

Xing Town of land is hilly and the high terrain east west low, Town of karst topography, peaks such as Jianmang power strip is set out in the Lijiang River on both sides of the eastern half of an Artemisia Ping Long mountains, high mountains and steep slope, elevation 400 m more in more than hundreds of peaks over 1000 meters above sea level, the peak is the Artemisia Ping Long, elevation 1701 meters, is the highest point of Yangshuo, Lijiang River territory, large source of rivers, lakes through the territory of family origins.
Xing Town of rich tourism resources, Lijiang xingping segment is known as known as boutique galleries, a very beautiful natural scenery. In recent years, Xing Town in the tourism industry developed rapidly, has taken shape in landscape scenery, folk customs houses, religion, cultural pattern of the three main lines of travel, that is essence Lijiang River Scenic Walking Tour section of the landscape as represented by the natural scenery tour, with " president, "Fishing Village Tour (Republic of China," a great president, "Sun Yat-sen and the United States, respectively, when President Bill Clinton in 1922, visit the fishing village in 1998) as representative of the residential folk customs as well as Tengjiao Temple Tour would also like to burn incense in religious activities on behalf of human You; the formation of Lijiang tour lines to nine horse paintings Hill, xingping town, the president's trip as the center of the tourism service area; to form a rock-based Lotus karst scenery areas; to form a large source of forest Summer Resort, Xitang fishing Fish Villa leisure areas; formed the main characteristics of the local fishing village of traditional houses Scenic Area.

The town has nine horses paintings Hill, screws Hill, Lotus Rock, days shuizhai, Lingbao Court, xingping or streets, the old Walled Mountain "Friendship Pavilion", the President fishing village, yellow cloth Beach, Luotian big rock, Xitang days Lake, Song Ping Long, Tengjiao Um, large source of forest, 20 yuan background - the eight scenic spots such as river scenery back and 24 scenic spots. At present, Xingping residential tourism has begun to take shape, has taken shape in food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping and entertaining one-stop service system.

Xingping town now has a lot of unique visitors to the shop is worth a small Guangyi Xia, Apple vacation warm prompt visitors: xingping town time to visit does not require too long to be carefully guided the street Mustang cheat tourists Quzuo The so-called cheap boat or bamboo raft tour Lijiang River, non-formal tour of the boat is often not the xingping Lijiang place right now, but also there are no safety facilities, as well as regular travel insurance!

Xingping town is small, you can walk around in an hour or so. Although the town is small, it has a long history that goes back at least 500 years. Many of the buildings are traditional from Qing and Ming dynasty period. The market for the surrounding villages is held at every 3 days. Like in many other areas in China, it's a kind of circulating market in the area. On the market days the town is usually quite busy with villagers from the neighboring villages.

There are such enchanting scenes as "Pretty Woman Looking in the Mirror", "General Drawing His Sword" and "Carp Drinking from the River".

The village is surrounded by many spectacular hills with imaginary names as "5 fingers hill" or Sengni Hill that resemble a monk and a nun are bickering with each other. South of town you can find Carp Hill and Snail Hill while int he west there lies Pen Holder Hill and Belle Peak. Around town you will find the village's own Camel Hill, the other Camel Hill is south of Yangshuo.

There are two road that lead to the village which is found on the east border of the Li River. Just in case you forgot, Yangshuo is on the west border of the river. Almost all visitors and locals will come from the south. Yangshuo is about 25 km away. And wherever you come from, you have to change your transport in Yangshuo (unless you have your own).

In Yangshuo, at the bus station there are regular mini busses to Xingping available. Most travelers staying in Yangshuo make a day trip but seldom stay in the quiet little town which is a bit sad, the town deserves a little longer stay. Some will drop their bicycles on the roof of the bus for an additional fee and cycle back. Some come back by boat.

There is a direct road from Guilin to Xingping, an old road that few people know and even fewer ever try. It's a little hard to find too, and follows the Li river on the east banks. It swindles through the hills with a few quite nasty climbs. But the scenery is spectacular, there's little traffic and even fewer people living here. The few villages see few tourists passing.

The closer you come to Xing Ping, the more spectacular the scenery becomes. Signs for for example the Lotus Cave start to appear. In the area people are still searching for new caves and rock that can be used for rock climbing.