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Gaotian Town

Gaotian town is in Yangshuo county. The surrounding area is very popular among photographers and some truly stunning images have been captured from around this area. Gaotian is situated within the Moon Hill Scenic area where the Yulong and Jinbao Rivers meet. The two rivers join to make the Tianjia River which is a tributary of the Li River.
The karst mountains and farmland combine with the waterways to create an idyllic location ideal for taking wide angle landscape photos.

With many fabulous scenic spots in Yangshuo, Gaotian has fantastic peaks, grotesque caverns and beautiful rural scenery.

The ancient ferry is located at the bank of Jinbao River, a tributary of the Lijiang River. Beside the ferry stands a old banyan tree looking like a large umbrella. A legend goes that Gaotian was planted in the Jin Dynasty, about 1,500 years ago.

 Ususlly the most popular route in Yangshuo for 1-2 day biking trips is the road to Gao Tian. Famous attractions here include the Ancient Ferry, Tunnel Crag (Chuanyan), Moon Hill, Yulong River, Silver Cave ,Water Cave and Big Banyan etc. In order to have more fun in the countryside, you had better choose to stay overnight in our Dragon River Retreat or at a farmer's home.

The Moon hill has a cave with a diameter of 11 m, looking just like a full moon, hence the name. Viewed from different angles, the cave takes different shapes, just as the moon chances shape with time, and this is one of the major charms of Yangshuo. The fantastic views from the top have made this hill one of Yangshuo's best attractions.

We definitely recommend  you come to see the Gaotian town, because this is a place never let you down, tens and thousands of people are attracted to come here every year and give the highest praise on it.