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Liugong Town

Located about 20 Kms south of Yangshuo and situated on the bank of the Li River, Liugong is not visited by many visitors. Liugong Town is special for it's old houses, before you enter the village you can have the "Three Colours Pond". The name is actually inaccurate, as there are three different small ponds with each a slightly different colour. However, the scenery is quite nice.

You can come to Liugong on a Li River cruise and the ride a bike back to Yangshuo(or vice versa), when cycling through the paddy fields you can see dragonflies buzz and women in coolie hats chase buffaloes from their crop.

In ancient times there used to be four famous water-front pavilions in Liugong village, now there is only one which named Deyue Tower stand high by the river, but the other three ones were ruined. The time-honored tower seems to be telling a story about the changes of Liugong village in the last 100 years.
Strolling in the Liugong village, you will feel as if you walk along the lane in the ancient Chinese literature. The buildings are simple yet solemn.

Three Color Pond is the most fascinating attractive views in Liugong village, which is consisted by three small deep ponds. Surprisingly, the colors in the pond are different from each other, one is bluish yellow, one is emerald, another is muddy. There is a ancient legend about the pond: A rich man often ill-treated his servants, so he was punished by the deity by sank his house to hell. At the former address of the house, there were formed the Three Color Pond, each pond separately stand for the rich man's principal room, the kitchen and the stable.

It is about eleven kilometres from Fuli Town to Puyi Town, and Liugong Village is  in the middle way. It takes about three hours from Fuli to Puyi on kayak. The equiments includes kayak, paddle and life-jacket.

Liugong can be reached by bicycle or you could take a motorised rickshaw here.Many houses date from Ming and Qing dynasty. There's a beautiful and restored gate and temple to be visited. The temple is located at a nearby hill. A 5 minutes walk using stairs lead you to the entrance and inside the temple.

There is an amazing festival that occurs each year. It is the local town's New Year. There are dragon dances, masked men dances and many other activities

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