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Puyi Town

Located in the southwest of Yangshuo, Puyi is the highlight for a long distance bike lover even though it is a small old town. Cycling along the Li River via the villages of Mushan, Doutou, Li Jia, Liugong and Da Bu Tou before getting to Puyi is the good way to enjoy your day. When you get there, you can see many Ming and Qing dynasty buildings kept well still up to this day. It is also the destination for taking a kayak from Fuli Town.

The tiny market settlement of Puyi on the river and just out from the tower karst peaks, offers a 2-hour excursion from Yangshuo. You’ll see all manner of things for sale here, from fruits and vegetables to dogs and cats (not the pet variety) and traditional medicines. Market days here are those ending with 3, 6 and 9. A few years ago it was possible to take a boat here and back from Yangshuo, but the local government has put a stop to this, although inquiries by the river might yield a result if you’re lucky.
October Sweetness in Puyi - Yangshuo

The Double Tenth Festival is a sweet festival to the people in Puyi Town, although every person in Yangshuo knows this time is a harvest season, filled with golden fruits and sweet fragrance. But the people in Puyi Town treat this time very serious. So in order to commemorate this harvest and express their happiness. People celebrate this in the traditional way by assembling and peforming. After playing the dragon and lion-dances, they will get together to drink and keep up doing others entertainments, such as the basketball, chess and cards. Just like the local folk customs in the others towns, this October Sweetness festival means a lot to the people in Puyi, and it is still a important day so far.