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Two Rivers and Four Lakes Scenic Spot

"The landscape in Guilin is the best under heaven." Guilin is especially famous for its green mountains and tender rivers. With beautiful sceneries of the Two Rivers and Four Lakes of Guilin, Guilin is like a dreamy paradise, especially at night. The Two Rivers and Four Lakes spot of Guilin is a large open park. You can visit it both by boat or walking along the riversides.

Located in picturesque Guilin City, Two Rivers and Four Lakes Scenic Spot refer to the landscape located around the city which includes Li River (the part within the city), Taohua (Peach Blossom) River, Mulong Lake, Guihu Lake, Ronghu Lake and Shanhu Lake. After years' of development, it can be also divided into Mulong ancient water way scenic area reflecting city culture, Guihu Lake Scenic Area featured by natural beauty and rustic charm and Ronghu-Shanhu Lake Scenic Area showing the elegant demeanor of the landscape ecology city. From these natural and manmade sights, visitors can truly feel the born beauty and deep cultural details of Guilin City.

The Two Rivers and Four Lakes area refers to the city tour river system comprised of Lijiang River, Peach Blossom River, Fir Lake (Shanhu Lake), Banyan Lake (Ronghu Lake), Wooden Dragon Lake (Mulong Lake). The Two Rivers and Four Lakes of Guilin is a passionate and romantic project and the largest environmental protection project in the history of Guilin. Gui Lake, Fir Lake and Banyan Lake existed from Song Dynasty while Mulong Lake was made later to connect Lijiang River and the lakes of Guilin.

Cruising on the rivers of Guilin has become a great event early from ancient times. Diversified plants, including trees, flowers, grasses, banyans, gingkoes, white pines, metasequoias, Magnolias, palm trees were grew in the scenic spot to improve the environment of Guilin; as much as 19 bridges were built to increase the vitality of the two rivers and four lakes; ancient-style buildings, towers and pavilions were restored and rebuilt; more than 50 cultural historic sites were excavated and repaired to represent the history and culture of Guilin; and ship lift and ship lock were established for the convenience of boats and ships.

The Two Rivers and Four Lakes spot today connects the rivers and mountains where you can appreciate rushing waterfalls, strange mountains, clean waters, fragrant flowers,  grasses and shady trees. Walking along the lakeshore line, the bridges blend perfectly with the surrounding sceneries and well-proportioned pavilions enhance each other's beauty. By boat and ship, rivers and mountains and places of interests, could be all at your fingertips. At the night of Guilin, the lightening Moon and Sun Towers reflect with the night and the transparent Glass Bridge seems crossing the Milky Way in the earth, making the tourist linger for long.

The whole Two Rivers and Four Lakes area can be divided into three areas which embody three different themes: Banyan and Fir Lake Area, Gui Lake Area and Mulong Lake Area. No only from the landscaping of the gardens within the Two Rivers and Four Lakes Spot, but also from the works and residence of the celebrities, can you feel the natural beauty and the rich cultural deposits of Guilin.

Banyan and Fir Lake Area
Located in the middle of Guilin city, he Banyan and Fir Lake Area is crossed by the bustling Zhongshan Road, bordering the Central Plaza of Guilin in the north and facing Lijiang River across the road in the south. This area has become an open leisure walking park in Guilin, representing the perfect combination of Guilin city and its landscapes. Banyan Lake and Fir Lake are on both sides of Yangqiao: Fir lake on the west (ancient banyan trees grow beside the lake) and Fir Lake on the east and connects Lijiang River (fir trees grow by the lakeside). In the center of the Fir Lake, there are the Sun Tower and Moon Tower-the identification of new Guilin

This area is made up of Chi Shan Luo Xia (Sunset of Fir Lake) and Rong Hu Chun Xiao (Spring of Banyan Lake) Attraction. Rong Hu Chun Xiao is a hot spot, comprised by Ancient South Door, Ancient Banyan, the site where Huang Tingjian (a famous poet of ancient China) fixed the boat, etc. Besides, the longest white marble bridge within Guangxi-the Star Bridge, is in the Banyan Lake and Fir Lake Area. The bridge is beautiful in design and delicate in craft, well worth visiting. Central Island of Banyan Lake is another exciting attraction where fine views around the lake can be enjoyed.

The history of the Banyan Lake and Fir Lake spot can trace back to Tang and Song Dynasty. From Ming Dynasty, feudal officials were frequently built beside the lake, many rich squires and celebrities made houses around the lake and some poets and literary men wrote poems here, making Banyan and Fir Lake area the cultural center of Guilin.

Gui Lake Area
With the outlet dam of Peach Blossom as the main attraction, Gui Lake Spot is featured by natural sceneries and has become an exhibition park of flowers, trees, pavilions and bridges.

Xiqing Lake, Baoxian Lake and Lize Lake make up the walk

Mulong Lake / Wooden Dragon Lake Area
Dominated by Mulong ancient ferry and ancient walls, and Backgrounded by Diecai Mountain and Baoji Mountain, Mulong Lake Area highlights the cultural continuities of the city.

The "Lasting Appeal of the Ancient City is made up of restored ancient walls of Song Dynasty, Dongzhen Gate, Shuicheng Gate, Gulong Ancient Ferry and Ancient Paved Road. Relied on Gulong Lake, featured local waterside Song-style shopping street was established. Seasonal plants were grew along the riverside in Seasonal Flower Stream to add elegance to the main spot. The ancient-style Baojishan Mountain Park has been restored. The 45-meter-high Mulong Tower inside the spot imitated Longhua Tower of Shanghai in Song Dynasty.

Entrance Fee:
CNY 149 for adult;
Half price for children between 1.00 and 1.40 meters tall;
Free for children under 1.00 meter tall
Take bus no.2, 16 or 23 and get off at Xiangshan Park Station.
Take bus no.10, 11, 14, 18 or 31 and get off at Jiefang Bridge Station. Visitors can get aboard at Jifang Bridge, Zhiyintai Dock and Wenchang Dock.
Opening Hours:
All day
Boat Trip Period:
09:30-18:00 (daytime)
19:30-21:30 (nighttime)

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