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Zhengyang Pedestrian Street

This shopping bazzar includes three portions: Zhongshanzhong Road area, Central Square area and Zhengyang Road area.

Zhongshanzhong Road area
At night, three lanes of Zhongshanzhong Road are blocked by temperary shops, all kinds of things are selling along this 3km long avenue, the most busy avenue in Guilin!  The Zhongshanzhong Road turns into a one way street for traffic, while people are strolling along shops and shops.  What a view!  Block the main downtown avenue to turn it into a big night market, this crazy idea works smoothly here, in this subtropical small city.

The 6-floor Nikonikodo Department Store is the highlight, air-conditioned, escalator transfers between each floor, free delivery service, make it to be one of the favorite shops for locals.

Central Square area
Standing at the Central Square, at the passroad to Zhengyang Pedestrian Street, there is a big underground shopping mall, the local people call it 'Little Hong Kong', the name came from the period of 1980's, when most of the staffs selling here were from Hong Kong.  It is very easy to get lost here, the bazzar has many intercourses.

There is an underground channel to cross the Zhongshanzhong Road, while you can reach another 5-story shopping mall for clothing - Bagui Building.

Zhenyang Pedestrian Street
Every evening, thousands of locals and travelers will rush into the Zhenyang Pedestrian Street
Without being introduced, Zhengyang Pedestrian Street becomes a new landmark of Guilin. It enjoys a high reputation of "the first commercial shopping street in western China" This street is 666 meters long and surrounded by restaurants, hotels, theatres, stadiums, commercial facilities and scenic spots.

With the good location in the city center, Zhengyang Pedestrian Street is easily to access through various ways. The Jie Fang Jiao bus-stop is nearby and the stop is also where taxis drop off visitors.

Constructed strarting from October, 1999, Zhengyang Pedestrian Street was opened to the public on New Year's Day in 2001. It is paved with flagstones and stretches for six hundred and sixty six meters. Amidst of the street stands a red 17.5-meter-high bell tower, which has now become the most eye-catching symbol of the street. It is a very popular street that mixes leisure, shopping and entertainment together. The width of the street varies from 12 to 14 meters and the buildings along the street are mainly in traditional Chinese style with Guilin local feature and stone carvings of Guilin landscapes, which well presenting the street's long history and culture, accompanying with some classical structures in Japanese, South Asia and European styles. Wandering along the street, both charm of the Yangshuo West Street in South China and jollification in Beijing temple fairs in North China can be found surprisingly.

Because it is a pedestrian street, the vehicles are prohibited to enter into this area. So tourists can be carefree to stroll and do a bit of window shopping in the safety environment.

As one of the newest attractions in Guilin, Zhengyang Pedestrian Street has many Chinese-style structures mixed with some Western colonial period buildings selling everything from jade and teapots to clothing, woven, jewelry, souvenirs, as well as minority handicrafts and embroidery.

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