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 Liangkou Scenic Area

Liangkou Scenic Area is about 23km away from the seat of sanjiang County. It consists of the spots such as Sanwang Temple, Rehe Bridge and the Old Banyan Tree etc.

Sanwang Temple
Aka the Three King's Palace (literally Sanwang Gong), is located between the Heli and Nanzhai villages. Against the mountain and by the river, the temple was originally built in the Ming Dynasty and rebuilt in 1821(the Qing Dynasty). According the local legend, there was a client state of the Han Dynasty called Yelang in Sanjiang. The king had three sons and two daughters. They each were clever and brave. The emperor of the Han Dynasty thought that the king would betray the county and killed him in B.C 111, but found innocent later. The emperor made profuse apologies and gave a big compensation to the king's sons. The three large-minded sons of the king forgave the emperor and buried the past. They renovated their state and worked hard for the Han Dynasty. They were always close to the people and beloved by all. After death, people built the temple to memorize them and named it Three King's Palace.

The entire building of the temple is simple and tasteful. Its layout had copied the ancient Han people's architectural style. The theater stage and the side rooms were the authentic Dong style. This temple is considered as the perfect combination of the Han and Dong architectural style in China. In the temple, many pretty patterns were painted or carved on the walls, pillars or the eaves etc. Here most of the time is always quiet. Only the worshipers may occasionally pay a visit. The most bustling time here is in annual January 5th (lunar calendar), the local people usually assemble here to hold a large-scale temple fair.
Rehe Bridge
The way to the Sanwang Temple, properly speaking, it was built for the three kings' devotees and belongs to the temple's auxiliary building. The bridge was built in 1898. It measures 48.9m in length and 4.35m in width. It has 12 corridors and three kiosks with very distinctive roofs with eaves that resemble the wings of birds. The local people said there are two Dong architectural styles are found on the bridge. The bridge foundation is brick arch. Its body is made of wood, and does not use nails, or fasteners of any kind. The wooden part of the bridge is built of the mortise and tendon design, and uses their own weight to hold them together.

Chankou Old Banyan Tree
Chankou Village is located on the junction of the Meng River and the Rong River, where stands a giant old Banyan tree. It looks like a giant umbrella from the distance. For centuries, the tree has been regarded as the patron saint of the village. The localites believe that it can ensure the village's peace and safety. According to the aged villagers, the tree is more than 1310 years old!

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