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Dong Ethnic Villages in Sanjiang

Sanjiang is a wonderland, a mysterious region traditionally inhabited by the Dong people. The visitors who come here are intoxicated by its unique culture, buildings and picturesque landscapes.

In the Heart of the "most beautiful place on earth", there is a place called Sanjiang, where most people by-pass some of the most "pristine" and untouched (by tourists) minorities areas and villages in China just to see the greenery, misty caverns, craggy peaks, winding riverbeds that this city has to offer.

About 350,000 people live in Sanjiang County. The county has numerous Dong villages that were built near streams and rivers in the narrow river valleys. For some reason, the Dong preferred to build many tight villages comprised of about 10 to 2,000 houses in their territory instead of bigger towns or independent houses. The houses are traditionally built on stilts and are made of wood. A typical example is the Du Dong of Sanjiang.

Du Dong of Sanjiang is a cluster of about 15 villages where about 45,000 people live. If you visit the stockaded villages, you will see drum towers, the wind and rain bridges, and terraced rice fields. The Dong people are noted for their rice agriculture skills and for breeding good varieties of rice. Dong houses are traditionally two or three stories high and are built on wood stilts. People live on the second floor, the ground floor is reserved for feeding animals and firewood, and the third floor is used as a storehouse for storing food. All the architecture along with the attractive natural scenery forms an exotic landscape painting.

When you walk into the Dong Village, you will notice firstly the unique-styled, precise-structured and magnificent Roofed Bridge and Drum Tower of Dong minority wherever you go. The largest and most typical are Chengyang Roofed Bridge and Mapang Drum Tower. Those unique architecture and the surrounding magnificent ruralities are in the harmony, and composing numbers of beautiful pictures.
Chengyang Roofed Bridge: It is totally made of wood with stagger wood but of no mistake. There are benches o­n the two side of the bridge, which are used for resting.
Mapang Drum Tower: The drum tower is square and divided into the body and cover. The whole drum tower is of precise structure and simple style.

Dong People's Eco-Museum
Properly speaking, it is a special giant living "exhibition hall" consists of a museum and 9 traditional Dong villages.
The Museum in the Guyi Town
The museum is located in the Guyi Town, Sanjiang County. It was open to the public in November, 2004. Covering an area of 1,550 sq meters, it has four exhibition rooms and houses more than 1,000 pieces of Dong relics including the traditional garments, folk arts, brocades, embroideries and the documents of literature and art. The museum features the Dong people's architectural style with the Wind & Rain Bridge and the Drum tower.
The Nine Dong People's Villages
The nine Dong people's villages are part of the Eco-Museum including Zuolong, Baxie, Pingliu, Hualian, Batuan, Gaoding, Dudong, Ya and Linlue. In these villages, people still live in the traditional Dong wooden buildings. They have their own special customs and way of life.

Zuolong Village
Originally built in 1487, the village is located on the hillside. The Miao River twining through in front of it. The buildings in the village including a wind and rain bridge (built in 1836), a two drum towers (one of the towers is 5-storied and 10.6m in height, built in 1833), village gate, Diaojiao lou (a kind of hillside pile-dwelling), and the theater stage.

Baxie Village
Baxie Village was first build in 1503, has 1 drum tower and two wind and rain bridges. One of the bridges is called Gongfu which was built in 1826.

Pingliu Village
The history of Pingliu Village is as long as that of Baxie Village. It consists of 4 natural small villages. A drum tower in the village was built in 1987, 16 meters in height. Its wind and rain bridge was first built in 1861 and rebuilt in 1951.

Hualian Village
Built in 1504, the village has 461 families, three drum towers and one wind and rain bridge.

Batuan Village
The village was set up in 1603. It has two drum towers, three wind and rain bridges. Of the three, the Batuan Bridge is very unique in architectural style. This 50-meter-long wooden bridge is divided into two aisles. One is for people, the other is for livestock. The bridge has two stages, three pavilions and ten porches. All the architects who had been the village were amazed at its unique style.

Gaoding Village
It is known as the most primitive and intact Dong village in Sanjiang. This village is 50km from the seat of the sanjiang County. In the village, there are more than 500 Diaojiao Lou (a kind of wooden hillside pile-dwelling) scattered in the valley with greens clustered around, a wind and rain bridge, seven drum towers which belong to seven clans.

Linlue Village
5km from Dudong Village, about an hour trek there. Rows of brown-roof wooden houses tidily lined on the top of the mountain, with 3 drum towers dotted amid. The stockade village stands like bodyguard overlooking the terraced rice fields on the slope.

Dudong Village
A remote Dong village nestled in the mountainous area on the very borderland of Guizhou, Hunan and Guangxi, 48km from Sanjiang County. The wind and rain bridges, traditional wooden buildings and terraced rice fields feature largely in the vicinity.

Ya Village
A very beautiful Dong village nearby the Dudong Village. It has its own unique drum towers, wooden buildings, and the wind and rain bridges.

Ma - Ping Village/Rock Village - Cheng Yang Dazhai - Tile - Crown Cave

Ma is the latest from the Boasting a stockade, in the Dong Ma sometimes show before the Drum Tower (80 yuan/field), where tour groups come, you can take the opportunity in watching a bit but the best Do not take pictures, to toll.

Ma'an Village behind the flat, rock camp, Cheng Yang Dazhai almost linked to stroll slowly, then to a multi- hours. Dazhai set once every 3 days, although the market was small (large is the market Forest Township, once every 5 days), but also a lot of buying and selling things and very cheap. A road through the Dazhai, hailed from here to Pingpu (Tickets: 1 yuan/person, the journey: 10 minutes)

Pingpu Drum Tower are two new, Kurau, Boasting, and the stage is Dong's traditional architecture, if not change, it is recommended not to casually into the new tower, to be contributions.

play Pingpu, then hailed to the Crown Cave (Tickets: 1 yuan/person, the journey : 10 minutes), Crown Cave Township belongs to forest, and to fewer people, there is very worth. This route takes about 4 hours, do not spend too much physical strength, it is recommended to sleep Lanjue start again.

local festivals
first month, seventh day, camp will be held Snatching eight activities, which is a very exciting sport seems, is the largest looting March fireworks competition, now is called a fireworks festival, will grab all the Dongzhai fireworks.

August tenth day activities will begin another, we will make a great" Pumpkin flowers" , pumpkin tea at dinner, to carry out" Pumpkin Battle" , as long as you catch any of the festival, will not disappoint away the.

Dong Lusheng more in the Mid-Autumn Festival will be held, such activities are carried out by several villages near the common agreed to be held, each formed Walled Lusheng the tournament host team official at aerodromes Sheng Lusheng playing the game. Lusheng song will be held in the village, both celebrate the holidays, is also a good day for young men and Women chosen lovers, young men and women wearing gorgeous costumes, great excitement for several days.

Take the coach from Guilin to Longshen, which is at noon and takes 4 hours to Longsheng, with fare over 10yuan. Then take the coach from Longsheng to Sanjiang and it will take about 3hour with fare about 10yuan. There are coaches from Sanjiang to Chengyang with fare 3yuan. And taking the motorbike to Chengyang Roofed Bridge will cost 10yuan.

Sanjiang Dong Village Fee and Opening Hour
Ticket :30 yuan
Opening Hour: unknown

1.You’d better not wear plastic shoes, slippers or leather shoes to climb the mountain.
2.If you row in the scenic area, please put o­n the life jacket and obey the staff’s instructions.
3.If you drive to travel, please prepare enough oil and do not dirve after drinking wine.

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