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Dreamlike Lijang Show

Dreamlike Lijiang (Li River) is a nightly theatrical spectacle that celebrates the rich natural and cultural heritage of Guilin. By pushing the boundaries of dance form with wildly inventive acrobatics and displaying creative scenery setups and transitions, Dreamlike Lijiang show exquisitely blends the highest artistic concentration, geographic changes, historic shifts, and local legends into one unforgettable production.

After spending a day visiting the extraordinary geographic landscapes, come and watch Dreamlike Lijiang. Combining the spirit of mankind with the spirit of nature, the theatrical experience leaves a stark and lasting impression on all who see it. Featuring amazing acrobatic feats, modern circus, and ballet performed by children and adults, the show will fill your evening with fun and excitement.

TV screens allow you to catch a glimpse of the show if you leave the main stage. Blessed by the spirit of nature, the land of Guilin is formed: a seed of laurel grows into a forest. Red umbrellas lie against green mountains; the returning boat is singing in the sunset. The show is a live presentation of the Chinese philosophy of "Harmony between Heaven and Human". Acrobatics is an interactive art form. Everyone, young or old, educated or not, can easily appreciate it. There is no language barrier and borders of culture do not limit it. The incredible stunts will leave you amazed, with a happy memory to last a lifetime.

Acrobatics is an interactive art form. Everyone, young or old, educated or not, can easily appreciate it while watching or seeing the acrobats perform. There is no language barrier and borders of culture do not limit it. Want to see the incredible stunts? Watch and experience the best professional acrobatic group do unforgettable show to your amazement and satisfaction!

Produced by CHC,Dreamlike Lijiang(Li River) premiered in Guilin in April, 2002 and continued its daily run henceforth. Up to April 2006, it has already accomplished over 2000 performances and almost 1 million people have seen the show. Its success has made it one of the most influential shows. 

Ballet, acrobatics and circus are shown.

Beautiful creation: The land cracked and the sky collapsed in a remote ancient time. And the plants were all dead. The Green-Leave Fairy descended from the heaven. She put everything back in order while creating the beautiful mountains and waters in Guilin.

Life and eternity: This is a drama put together by colors, stage decorations and performers skillx. The flowers, the insects, the frogs and the butterflies and bats¡­and beautiful female dancesers together are savoring the bounties bestowed by the Mother Nature.
At the bottom of the river: The beautiful and serene river bottom is the backdrop. Here is a marvelous scene and a life journey.

Oriental charm: This is a story between Chinese men and women. It is actually a story through their whole life, beginning from when they are born. This story is reflected with colors and emotions, in the beauty of the mountains and waters
Dreamlike Lijiang(Li River): It is a collection of all the beautiful things of this oriental civilization: the first rays of the morning sun, the sunset in the summer, the redness of rose and green forest. The singing farmers and peacocks show the charm of the Lijiang River. Life continues like heaven and man are a constant pair.

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