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White Water Rafting

There are three rivers for tourists who like doing the rubber drifting. It is very excited and interesting, especially for tourists who like adventure. Rubber drifting on the River is different from Yulong bamboo raft and Li River cruise, it is another way to experience the water and nature. Another attraction of white water drifting is the fantastic landscapes around. Please expect to be wet through and don't forget to bring with you one prepared wear to change.  The best time to drift is from May to October.

1.  Longjin River rubber drifting is near Xingping town, Jiumahuashan rafting near Yangdi town, Yangshuo area.

Drifting on Longjing River in Xingping Yangshuo could be the most exciting thing if you like adventure. When you get the very top of the mountain, you will have to choose crash helmet, wristband and kneepad, and then two people share a rubber boat and face each other. You’ll follow the rapid course with an elevation difference about 200m and drift approximately 4 km. You don’t need any paddles just hold grips on the boat and let yourself drift along the river. The water in the river is not very deep, but take care of some stones and rocks.

2.  Wupai River and Zi River drifting 3 hours away in  Ziyuan town.
3.  12 Shoals Drifting is on the way to Longji Rice Terraces.
The raftig ins available for tourists from April to October.

How it works

You buy your ticket (150 Yuan) in a travel agency in Yangshuo. The ticket price includes the return bus transfer from Yangshuo to the rafting location. On arrival you can out your bag in a storage locker (10 Yuan). The complex does have basic toilet and shower facilities

Next you get on a bus to the top of the hill to the starting point. Here you need to find a life jacket that fits you, along with a crash helmet (trying to find one that may actually help in the event of an accident is like finding a needle in a hay stack) and elbow and knee protectors

You then join the queue and wait for a 2 person raft to become available. Jump on and wait until everyone else has a raft. The gate is then released and you play dodgems all the way down. You will get very wet and should have lots of fun

There are somewhat official people taking photos of you as you go down some of the rapids and they are very happy to sell them to you at the end of the day

Travel Guide: After one hour drifting, the water could be cold even in summer. Don’t take anything with you because you will get all wet, and you’d better take another set of clothes. Please make sure you are wearing crash helmet, wristband and kneepad, even there is no big risk, but still you could be hurt if you are careless. You’d better listen to the Travel Guide when you get started.

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