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Datang Mini-skirt Miao Group

The Miao's pleated skirts can be divided into three kinds according to the length: long, mid-length and short skirts.

You'll be captivated by their charming miniskirts.

The depths of the southeastern Guizhou Province mountains are inhabited as the 'Short-skirt' Miao. They number 50,000 to 60,000. Some live in Langdong and Kongshen villages of Rongjiang County, while others may be found living in the Datang area of Leishan County. Qingman Short-skirt Miao Village is one of the most typical short-skirt Miao villages near Kaili. Their clothing is distinct and colorful for both casual and holiday wear, which consists of a tunic top decorated with silver ornaments and gorgeously hand-embroidered designs of the dragon, phoenix, fish, bird, and beast, and a hand-knitted skirt no more than 20 centimeters long. This whole costume constitutes an important facet of local folkways.

Well dressed up Miao grils are performing dance for tourists.

Datang Miao Ethnic village is famous for its distinctive style short skirt wore by Miao female. The Miao miniskirt, measures 16 centimeters in length, but is made from 7 meters of local cloth. At each festival, women often dress their hand-making miniskirt to dance.
Dances are held in the village square. A huge gong is tied to a wooden post in the middle of the square. An all-male band of Lusheng players, with the bandleader also in charge of striking the gong, plays for an all-female group of dancers.


The lushly dressed female dancers, whose total number can reach 100, move in lines and circles, forming different patterns. Their bodies, adorned with silver headwear, necklaces, bangles, and anklets become musical instruments as well, emitting a metallic melody in sync with the rhythm of their footsteps.

The most popular dances include "The Pheasant Dance", "The Wooden Stool Dance", and "The Joyful Children Dance." Guests can participate in the dances.

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