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12 Days Guizhou Miao Lusheng Festival

Tour Code:GZ-SH-03
Duration: 12days
Group Size: 2-15 people
Tour route:
Hightlights:Lusheng are most commonly played at festivals related to courtship. Take photos of Lusheng dancing, horse racing, rooster fights & buffalo fights.

Day and day itinerary

Place & Transport: Guiyang & Flight
Today's Activities: The airfare to Guiyang is not included in the quotation. You'll be met at Guiyang airport by our English speaking tour guide and drive to the hotel. Relaxing at the remainder of the day. Activities in the evening: you might to go the Hequn evening market after your dinner, it will leave you an impression of Guizhou's most popular and spicy food. 

Guiyang: Guiyang is the political, economical, cultural and traffic center of Guizhou province. The city is situated on the Nanming River, a headstream of the Wu River, which eventually joins the Yangtze River at Fuling in Sichuan province.

[Optional] DaNanMen: DaNanMen is the old food street in Downtown Guiyang, 5 minute walking distance to Jiaxiu Tower. Lots of local flavors and famous dishes can be founded here. It is originally known as the Food Paradise of Guiyang.

Day02:Guiyang-Kaili  ( B+L)
Place & Transport: Kaili & Full auto
Today's Activities: Morning do a sightseeing tour in Guiyang city. Later, we'll drive 2.5 hours along the scenic mountain roads to Kaili City. Pay a visit to the Kaili Museum (not open in Sunday), where leave you an overall view of the ethnic costume in Guizhou.

Qianling Park: The Qianling Park is located in the northwest corner of Guiyang City. Named after Mount Qianling which has awarded the title of "First Mountain in south Guizhou". Incorporating the soul and spirit of the Guizhou Plateau, there are towering old trees, limpid springs and queer rocks in it. More than 1……

Jiaxiu pavilion: Jiaxiu Pavilion was initially built by a provincial governor in the 25th Year (1597) of Wanli's Reign in the Ming Dynasty , with the purpose of encouraging scholars to make progress.

[Optional] Kaili Ethnic Minorities Musem: one of the "100 Distinctive Museums of China", is entitled "the Origin of Chinese Folk Arts". The Kaili museum has a collection of over ten thousand items of different ethnic groups. 

Day03:Visiting all day to feel the local troditional Festival. ( B+L )
Place & Transport: Kaili & Full auto
Today's Activities: Today we will drive for 3 hours through the beautiful countryside with its terraced hillsides and quaint towns on our way to Chong'anjiang. Visit the Miao's Lusheng Festival, seeing the girls' traditional costume and silver ornaments. Later we'll drive back to Kaili City.

Xijiang One Thousand Family Miao village: Xijiang is thought to be the largest Miao village. It's a superbly picturesque place, set in a natural basin and bordered by paddy fields drenched in green, with wooden houses rising up the hillside. The village is a site in itself and there are also plenty of pleasant walks you can take around the ……

[Optional] KuaiHuoLin/LiangHuanZhai: The most famous local dish in Kaili was Sour Soup Fish. This restaurant serves the best Sour Soup Fish Hotpot in Kaili. The fish and the soup are definitely tasty! The KuaiHuoLin restaurant is decorated in the style of Miao ethnic architecture, all waitresses are Miao girls.

Day04:Feel the Lusheng Festival celebration.( B+L )
Place & Transport: Kaili & Full auto
Today's Activities: Today, we will drive 2 hours to Gulong village, Huangping County, another place to see the Lusheng Festival celebration. The big different is over 1,000 bamboo pipes are played here, a majestic scene yet to be seen anywhere else in this world. After our visiting and enjoying, transferred back to Kaili City.
Paika village: The PaiKa village is known for its manufacture of Lushengs, the characteristic musical instrument of the Miao. Visit the home of a Lusheng maker and know more about Lusheng-the Miao people's most important musical instrument.

[Optional] Miao New Year Festival: For the colourful Miao minority in rural southeast China Guizhou province, the Miao New Year Festival is the most important celebration of the year. It's the time for the Miao people to celebrate their harvest. The celebrations will be held in every village by the locals.

Day05:Visiting in Rongjiang  ( B+L )
Place & Transport: Rongjiang & Full auto
Today's Activities: We will drive 5.5 hours (204 km) from Kaili to Rongjiang. visit the beautiful Chejiang Dong village and the cluster of old Banyan tree on the way. The Dong can be recognized by their turbans (for men), and pleated skirts (for women). Stay overnight in Rongjiang Country.

Chejiang Dong Village: Dong village in CheJiang is famous lots of acitivities under dozens of Banyan trees. People are busy pounding the life out of some black (indigo-dyed) cloth with a heavy, wooden mallet. The pounding softens the cloth and then it into a shiny blue-black color. It takes hours and days of pounding to ……

[Optional] Music of Dong Ethnic: Dong choruses imitate sounds from nature. Birds, insects, and murmuring brooks, have long inspired the people inhabiting these remote regions. 

Day06:Transfer to Zhaoxing  ( B+L )
Place & Transport: Zhaoxing & FUll auto
Today's Activities: Today, you'd transferred from Ronjiang Country to Congjiang Country (76km, 2 hours driving). Drive to visit Basha village, a small Miao village with very little signs of modern influence, people here are in traditional costumes, wearing their long hair. Also visit Yintan village, a Dong village built on the top of the mountain with its beautiful landscape.
Basha Miao Ethnic Village: Basha (Biasha) Miao Ethnic village is a very special and old Miao Ethnic village. The villagers remain their unique tradition since Qing Dynasty( about 2200 years ago). All the men comb their hair with a very special hair, caring a knife on the waist and a traditional fowling piece, dressing like an……

[Optional] Diaojiaolou: Diaojiaolou is the name for houses in minority ethnic inhabited areas, mostly be seen in Guizhou, Guangxi, Yunnan and Hunan Provinces. There are subsidiary buildings at the two sides of a house with staircases for up and down. People live on the upper floors, and on the ground level is kept for domestic animals. Each family owns a fire pit for sitting around together to keep warm in cold days.

Day07:Zhaoxing  ( B+L )
Place & Transport: Zhaoxing & Full auto
Today's Activities: A 3-hour (90 KM) driving will take us to Zhaoxing, one of the largest Dong villages in the region, with more than 700 households and a population of 4000. Visit around the Village, the Dong's Drum Tower and Flower Bridges.

Zhaoxing Dong Village: Zhaoxing, one of the largest Dong villages in the region, with more than 700 households and a population of 4000. The Dong people in Zhaoxing are all surnamed Lu. According to an old man, the head of the Dong people in Zhaoxing divided the people into five groups in order to make administration easi……

Flower Bridges in Zhaoxing: There are five bridges in Zhaoxing. Actually, the bridge is more of a building across the river, as most bridges are covered with pavilions. The bridges have earned the name "flower bridges" because of the exquisite sculptures that cover them. On a raining day, to sit in the bridge pavilion and chat……

Drum Towers in Zhaoxing: The most famous buildings in Zhaoxing are the five drum towers. According to the tradition of the Dong people, each individual drum tower represents one group of local people. The five towers represent kindness, righteousness, politeness, intellect and creditworthiness.

[Optional] Dong Drama Performance: The opera troupes in Zhaoxing is well known for their folk drama. Their literary is abundant with narrative poems, pipa songs and epics. Usually the performance is hosted in a traditional drum tower at night.

Day08:Zhaoxing-Sanjiang  ( B+L )
Place & Transport: Sanjiang & Full auto
Today's Activities: Today we will continue our journey south into Sanjiang Country, a town inhabited by the South Dong, one of the two subgroups of the Dong ethnic minority. Driving half an hour to Chengyang, a quaint little village with one of the largest Wind and Rain Bridge in the region. Here we will explore the villages on foot, visiting lively markets and hillside farms.

TangAn Village: The TangAn village is located about 6 km east of Zhaoxing, half way up Mount Longbao, about 840 meters above sea level. The village was first built in the Jiaqin years of Qing Dynasty (A.D 1795-1820). It is now home to over 170 households and more than 800 people. The Sino-Norway cooperative 'TangA……

Chengyang Dong Villages: Chengyang is 20 km north of Sanjiang, is becoming a popular tourist destination with backpackers. It is a region traditionally inhabited by the Dong people, bordering Guizhou to the northwest and Hunan to the northeast.

Chengyang Wind & Rain Bridge: Chengyang Roof Covered Bridge: One of the most beautiful & well protected shelter bridges in China,constructed in 1911,finished in 1925. The bridge is 64.4 meters long, 3.4 meters wide, 10.6 meters high, with beautiful shelters construction on it. It is supported by five big stone piers and the whol……

[Optional] Silver ornaments of Dong Ethnic: Silver ornaments are another important aspect of a Dong woman's dress, especially among those in the south. Jewelry styles, though basically the same among the various Dong groups, do bear some distinctions such as the silver "weight" that hangs down the back of a woman's jacket. 

Day09:Sanjiang-Guilin  ( B+L )
Place & Transport: Guilin & Full auto
Today's Activities: Today, we will leave Sanjiang in the morning for Longsheng Country, to visit a mountains is covered with terraced rice fields, called Longji Rice Terraced. The journey is 100 KM, 2.5 hours driving.

Longji Rice Terrace: Longji Rice Terraces, located in Longsheng County about 2 hours from Guilin, are built into the hillsides, nearby Pingan village. The terraces look like great chains or ribbons as they wind from the foot to the top of the hill...

[Optional] Huangluo Yao Longhair Village: Huangluo Yao village is located at the foot of a mountain with a beautiful river zig-zagging around Longsheng rice terrace. It was known for the long hairs of Yao ethnic women. They use a long cloth to twist the hair into a knot, go down to the river to wash their hair in summer time. 

Day10:Sightseeing in Guilin  ( B+L )
Place & Transport: Guilin & Full auto
Today's Activities: Today you're transferred to Guilin City to take our city sightseeing tour. In the evening, recommend you to stroll around the Fir Lake and Banyan Lake in Downtown Guilin at night, the view is magnificent. 

Elephant Trunk Hill: Elephant Trunk Hill: It is located on the west bank of the Li River by a small branch called Peach blossom River, and resembles a huge elephant standing on the bank of the river, sucking up water with its long trunk. The trunk is particularly striking and lifelike when viewed either nearby or afar. ……

Reed Flute Cave: Aside ten minutes drive (half hour bike ride) from downtown, the cave is one of the largest known examples of what each tropical karst cone conceals within it. The script writers and set designers for Star Trek would have a field day in this cavernous underground stalactite/stalagmite maze-style the……

[Optional] Evening cruise on Li River and surrounding lakes: You will enjoy the evening cruise through Li River, Fir lake, Banyan Lake and Peach River, which was part of the ancient moat surrounding Guilin.

Day11:Take coach to Dock for the boat Guilin  ( B+L )
Place & Transport: Yangshuo & Coach
Today's Activities: After the breakfast you take coach to Dock for the boat which departs at 09h00 or 09h30. The total Journey is around 30 Kilometers and takes 4 hours. Free time in Yangshou. 
West Street: West Street is all flanked by small shops and vendor's stands selling all kinds of souvenirs and snacks. Chinese and the young Western bicyclists and backpackers are seen hanging out everywhere. Parties after parties till midnight.
Li River Cruise: The 83-km-long waterway from Guilin to Yangshuo is the masterpiece of Li River, decorated with rolling hills, steep cliffs, fantastic caves, leisurely boats and lined bamboos. A poem says: "The river is a green silk ribbon, and the hills are jade hair-pins."

[Optional] Impression Sanjie Liu: Impression Sanjie Liu is a major production with a cast of 500 singers, dancers, bamboo boats and cormorants bids. However, the stand out performer is definitely the background scenery. The lighting of the karst peaks is truly amazing and was our highlight. 

Day12:Leisure time in Yangshuo till be transferred to Guilin ( B )
Place & Transport: Guilin & Flight
Today's Activities: Leisure time in Yangshuo till be transferred to Guilin airport to catch your flight to next destination. 

Moon Hill: About an hour bicycle ride southeast of Yangshuo, is Moon Hill (Yueliang Shan). The fantastic views from the top have made this hill one of Yangshuo's best attractions!

Bike ride in Yangshuo: Sinoway Travel runs a Bike Club in Yangshuo and Guilin. Dozens of mountain bikes in good conditions are available for rent for our clients only. You might pickup our bikes in Guilin, or Yangshuo. We have some great bike rides that are available to you.

[Optional] Bamboo Rafting on Yulong River: Cycle to Hongqi Dock, take bamboo rafting for 1 hour on Yulong River through limestone mountains and trails. The excellent composition of water, ancient bridges and mountains along this waterway is one of the favorite choices of photographers and artists coming to the area.

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 Guiyang, Kaili, Zhaoxing, Sanjiang, Longsheng, Guilin,Yangshuo
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-Service charge, room tax & baggage handing fee.
-Meals as mentioned in the itinerary "B" stands for American breakfast, "L" for Chinese Lunch in local restaurant. "D" for Chinese dinner in local restaurant.

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-Flight or train transfers arriving Guiyang and leaving Guilin.
-Expenditure of a personal nature, such as drinks, souvenirs, telephone bill, laundry etc.
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