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                  Nightlife in Haikou

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As most of the cities in southern China, Haikou is rich in nightlife. Tourists can enjoy the charm of Haikou by killing time in a characteristic bas, appreciate busy shows in night clubs, tasting featured snacks at street stalls or just lying down on the Holiday Beach.

Haikou has many bars and clubs around the city. One of the main bar areas is on the north of Heping road (Heping Dadao) in Haidiandao. There are at least ten bars along the road. The bars normally stay open as long as customers are there and a can of local beer costs just 5 RMB. Careless Whisper and Red's pub are frequented by local expats. Some popular clubs are Allen Bar, located in Guomao area, and 66 Bar. 
Coffee House

Old tree coffee No. 5, Nanhang East Road
Fushi Café No. 93, avenue Beinhai
Shangtian coffee No. 3, Airport Road East

Shanghai Grand Club: No. 50, North Road Longkun
China Town Club: Longkun the road south

Tea House
Laoba teahouse (ex-Padre teahouse)
A teahouse Laoba has always been known as a meeting place for elderly people, but it is also very popular among young people. He is often at in the small alleys, with a small, in relation to the street and several tables and chairs. You can here the whole day with a cup of tea.

Shandong street of the island is the Haidian district, bars.

Tianshang Renji (the heavens and the earth): Bar on the street, Shandong Road, a quiet bar

TT Bar (Bar Tibet): Heping Avenue, London, against the current hotel Huandao
TT Bar is a traditional bar with the typical features of Tibet. Opening times: 20:00-02:00

LV: it is not Louis Vuitton, but a bar in the No. 12, Wuzhishan Fulong road in the interior of the house to leave. When you enter you in a completely new uniform full of creativity and stir, music, dance and wine.

Theaters & Cinemas

Worker's Cinema
Add: #9 West Jiefang Rd
Tel: 66224494

Wenlong Cinema
Add: #9 West Jiefang Rd
Tel: 66232307

Heping Cinema
Add: #16 West Jiefang Rd
Tel: 66224025

Yinlong Cinema
Add: Haixiu Rd
Tel: 66777734


Mingren Indoor Golf Course
Add: #8 lantian Rd
Tel: 66724570

Taida Golf Club
Add: Lingshan Town
Tel: 65721551

Dongshan Golf Club (the oldest in Hainan)
Add: Dongshan Town,
Tel: 65569026

Shangdao Caf
Add: #12 South Longkun Rd,
Tel: 66767823

Fushan Caf
Add: #93, Binhai Rd,
Tel: 68531585

Windmill Bar
Add: Haian Rd., Haidian Island,
Tel: 66254094

Hongyou Music Bar
Add: #16 Jinlong Rd,
Tel: 68540213

Liuling Bar
Add: # East Rd, Haidian Island,
Tel: 66260216

Oriental Tea Culture City
Add: #69 South Longkun Rd,
Tel: 66711005

Chinese Tea Culture House
Add: Daoke Village, South Longkun Rd,
Tel: 66781111

1st Do not reply to those who are small cards (usually with the arrangement of air tickets or information) so that night and never to buy or support travel with them.
2nd Make sure their valuables and money that you visit these reasons leisure.
3rd Ladies, the expensive jewelry before they are to avoid traveling alone and for the reason of leisure.