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Coconut Husk Carving in Hainan

Coconut carving whether Hainan Island carve actor utilize coconut shell carve handicraft that make. When will it be clear the beginning end of Ming Dynasty, coconut carving handicraft it reaches to be quite high artistic level. In more than 300 years afterwards, Past dynasties coconut carving skill People make the skill of the coconut carving perfect day by day, have formed the handicraft with unique national style and local colour gradually.
The coconut palm wood has never moribund characteristics. Each coconut carving ornaments one meaning, coconut shell ring made to carve wear or weigh down the chain, pay empty Love words transmit boys and girls pure pure love , fall and tell dense miss with cross coconut carving that multi-color cord arranged. Exquisite and small and exquisite coconut carving chains and traditional Chinese knots are the perfect combination, simple and unsophisticated but graceful . In addition coconut carving hand chain , coconut carving belt, coconut carving puppet , coconut carving key person who spike ornaments fill with everything, all have ornaments with characteristic tradition of Hainan alone.

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