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                              Shopping in Hainan Island

would a holiday be without a spot or two of shopping? Hainan Island offers shoppers a unique experience with vendors and emporiums of every size from street stalls to corner shops to hotel boutiques to large department stores stocked with locally designed clothing and goods and a wide variety of Li, Miao and Hui nationality handicrafts.

Of special interest to visitors is the fact Hainan is a major producer and exporter of cultured pearls and the ideal place to source and purchase jewellery and assorted pearl products. Hainan is also known for coconut juice and coconut products, fresh and dried fruits, coffee, pepper and an assortment of spices.

Hainan Lepusheng Commercial Building
Address: 7, Haixiu Lu
Postcode: 570206
Tele: (0898) 6723166/ 6723266
Main Products: daily use chemical goods, general merchandise, household electrical appliances, hardware and electrical equipment, men and women's wear, knitwear, shoes and hats, children's goods, jewelry, stationery, sports goods, art and crafts, food and other middle-class, high-quality goods

Nainan No.1 Department Store
Address: 6, Haixiu Road, behind Wanghai Hotel
Postcode: 570206
Tele: (0898) 6790090
Main Products: general merchandise, knitwear and textiles wear and shoes and hats, timepiece and spectacles, household electrical appliances, stationery, sports goods, jewelry, food supermarket, art and crafts

Hainan Shengsheng Department Store
Address: Zhujiang Square, Binhai Road
Postcode: 570105
Tele: (0898) 6717301/6717576
Main Products: general merchandise, make-ups, jewelry, men and women's wear, children's goods, shoes and hats, stationery, sports goods, decorations, household electrical appliances, tourist art and crafts and other famous goods from local and overseas

Jingrun Jewelry Shop
Address: Haixiudong Road, opposite to Wanghai Tower
Postcode: 570206
Tele: (0898) 6750129
Main Products: pearl series product and inlay jewelry by Hainan Jingrun jewelry Co.

Hainan DC Commercial Building
Address: 10, Haixiu Road
Postcode: 570206
Tele: (0898) 6785725
Main Products: jewelry, make-ups, decorations, men and women's wear

Hainan New World Department Store
Address: 3, Nanhangxi Road
Postcode: 570206
Tele: (0898) 6719261/ 6719270
Main Products: general merchandise, food, leather goods, clothes, bed clothes, household electrical appliances, stationary, sports goods and middle-and low-level goods


New World Shopping Mall
Address: 22 Haixiudong
Postcode: 570206
Tele: (0898) 6775663/ 6774244
Main Products: clothes, household electrical appliances, watch, glasses, gold and silver jewelry, general merchandise, food supermarket, stationary, sports goods, leather goods, children's goods, specialty in Hainan and other goods at middle level.

Tailong Shopping Mall
Address: 4, Datong Road
Postcode: 570206
Tele: (0898) 6220180/ 6228205
Main Products: fashionable men and women's wear, art and crafts, make-ups, general merchandise, non-staple food, commissariat and oil, hardware and electrical equipment and other middle-level and high-level goods.

Haixiu East Road Shopping Street
Address: Haixiudong Road
Postcode: 570206
Main Products: general merchandise, gold and sliver jewelry, man and women's ware, tourist art and crafts.

Dongmen Market
Address: Boal Road, old city
Postcode: 570203
Main Products: seafood, dried seafood and nuts

Bo'ai Road
Address: Bo'ai Road
Postcode: 570203
Main Products: knit and textiles bed clothes, daily used goods.

West Jiefang Road
Address: Jiefangxi Road
Postcode: 570102
Main Products: general merchandise, knitwear and textiles, clothes and shoes and hats, timepiece and spectacles, sports appliances

South Xinhua Road
Address: Xinhuanan Road
Postcode: 570202
Main Products: household electrical appliances, hardware and small electrical equipment

Commercial Waiking Street, Deshengsha Night Market
Address: Deshengsha Road
Postcode: 570101
Main Products: all kinds of middle-level and low-level clothes

Bailong Fruit Wholesale Market
Address: Bailong North Road
Postcode: 570203
Main Products: over 100 types of Hainan tropical, subtropical fruits


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