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River of Ten-Thousand Springs 


Wanquan River is the third largest river in Hainan Province. It originates at two sources, the south source from the east of Wuzhishan and the north source from the south of Limu Mountain. With a total length of about 160 kilometers, it winds through four counties, encompassing 1,683 square kilometers. Legend claims that long time ago, a group of evils plagued this area. The people suffered a great deal they cried day and night. Their crying had touched the gods in the sky. Therefore, the gods turned the tears of the people into thousands of streams which converge into a great river and in a minute drown the devils and carry them far out into the big sea. Since then, people residing there have lived a comfortable and peaceful life and the river is thus named as River of Ten Thousand Springs.

The scenery at Wanquan River is unique. It combines greatness and grace, the hard and the soft. At its upper reach, the scenery is one of adventure and grandeur, characterized by the ups and downs of the fluctuating mountain ridges, the steep and narrow valleys and cliffs, and the waterfall punching from high above making thundering roars.

At the middle reach, the river widens to form a flat, smooth, rippling lake surface, constituting a totally different drama. At the lower reach, the part, which flows through the Qionghai County, has already been developed into a tourist site. Accra trees mingled the cotton trees with red flowers. All these add great flavour to the charm of this tropical river. Jiaji Duck and Wanquan carps are famous local favourites produced abundantly in the area.